Alphabet Soup – T

AtoZ – T

May you have a Thoroughly Thankful, Thoughtful, Touching, Terrific, Tantalizing, Triumphant day.

May your enemies be Terribly Tortured ‘Til they Tire and Tatter into Timidity.

This has been a great day for me. Why was it a great day? Because I decided it should be. I worked and came home and now have dinner started. Short ribs don’t cook for a short time, but I think they will be ready around 5:30, and that’s a decent dinner time.

I did come to the realization that the ‘Z’ will actually fall on May 1st. Are we supposed to link two letters together, do ‘Z’ on a Sunday, or carry it over to May? I just wondered if anyone else realized this quandary of mine.



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9 comments on “Alphabet Soup – T
  1. Sally says:

    Do Z on a Sunday, I think, so the whole thing is completed in April. It doesn’t happen often that way, but this year it does.

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  2. joey says:

    What Sally said. Z One Sunday 🙂
    I had an okay day. I’m too tired to think of a T word for okay. But if you think of one, apply it please. I hope yours was terrific!

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  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I hadn’t even noticed the last day was on a Sunday! … I had to laugh at the enemies bad fortunes today! 🙂

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    That is so odd that the alphabet doesn’t work this year! How odd. Today was a terrific day, thank you so much for offering 😉

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