March in Review

We have made it to the end of March and it is time to determine if January 3rd was an accurate measure of how March would be. For more information about this, see my January Awareness post.

On January 3rd, I wrote, “I am definitely excited about March. It is going to be an efficient, productive, wonderful month.” At the beginning of March, I explained that I was going to “March Ahead” towards my goal of having a career. This month’s focus was on my blog.

When I set my goals for the month of March, I wrote, “I will have 500 followers, at least 20 views per day, and at least 10 comments from people other than myself. My responses won’t count, so there should be 20 comments because, of course, I will respond.”

I then “took a picture” of where I was to start the month. I had 184 followers and my views were increasing, but not where I wanted them.

As of today. my views for March average 18 per day. That’s close enough to 20 for me. I didn’t post every day and I noticed I still received views because, let’s face it, none of us can read everything in a day. I learned that when I tried to read 500 blogs in one day.

My total number of comments for March were 252 which is far more than any other month, but only averages to 8/day. This does not come close to my goal of 20, but is still a great improvement.

As for the number of followers…. well it’s a higher number – 252. Again, not my goal, but still an increase and it seems I am half-way to my goal.

All in all, I think March was a good month. It was efficient, productive and wonderful.

Tomorrow starts April and I will be doing the AtoZ Challenge Mondays through Saturday. Because I want to continue with this year’s theme of seeing if the first twelve days predict the future, and I want to have a goal for April, I will be posting about that on Sundays. I may also end up with two posts per day if I have something I want to share.

On January 4th, predicting the month for April, I had noted the time 5:55 which symbolizes major change. I had written that I told my offspring I hoped it was positive change. I really hope it is.

I hope April is a wonderful month with many positive changes. My personal goal is to continue to work on my blog and to write at least 1,000 words per day. Time will tell.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful month. If you participated in the first twelve days  journal, did March turn out for you?



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18 comments on “March in Review
  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    I’m glad to see the end of March and I’m looking forward to April. Best wishes for the A-Z. You’re going to hammer those stats!!

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  2. joey says:

    Good job on goal achievement. Let me know when you’re ready for your press conference 😉 The A-Z challenge should bring page views up 🙂
    My March was hectic as my January 3 predicted. I stopped at the post again tonight, then picked up take-out, ate it in my bed and then lay there for QUITE a while before logging in here. I should go back now and read April Day. I hope my April will be better than my March!

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    • I went to my local “bar” for the first time in months tonight. Guess it’s in the air (You did take-out). I wouldn’t say March was heptic for me, but it did end with an emergency room visit much like my January 3rd or 4th. Fortunately, I believe April will be a good change month. I am almost ready for the press conference, as long as the press is favorable. 😉

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  3. Phil R says:

    Sorry, Manee this should have been part of your March figures but because I’m a bit behind (in my reading) here we are in April… But your inspiring Marching has assisted me in my F#m quest and I’ve recorded a tune which I dare say will be posted in due course. So good on yer! 🙂

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