Is Walmart Helping or Hurting?

I saw an announcement on Facebook that Walmart is now providing curbside pickup of groceries. The concept is simple – connect to their website, place an order and schedule a pickup. Then all you have to do is drive to the store and an employee will come out and put your groceries in your car for you.

I wanted to verify just what was involved, so I researched and found it is absolutely true. If you want to use it you may click here. I am not endorsing it or getting a kickback for advertising.

I found it interesting that we may order food, baby supplies, laundry soap and even furniture. If Walmart carries it, we can order it to our car.

Now, I admit there could be some very legitimate needs for such a service. I remember well the times I drove out of my way (20 years ago) to get gas from a certain station that had a booth next to the pumps so I could pay without going inside the store. It was a godsend to me because taking a baby out of the car was such a pain in the neck. Taking multiple children was a nightmare. Since that time things have changed, every station has pay at the pump and I no longer have car seats.

I can imagine someone not wanting to take their children out of the car, especially if the child is sick. I can imagine using this system when shopping with a handicapped person because it is difficult to maneuver wheelchairs through the store. Yes, I can understand the desire to use such a service, but I still wonder if it is helping or hurting.

Will people use it because they can’t bother to get dressed? Will this make us even lazier, unwilling to get out of the car and walk around the store? We all know there are crazy people shopping, are we leery of encountering them?

Will we spend less because we don’t see the tempting items at the checkout, or will we spend more because we can see everything on a screen and not really look at the items?

Is the employee going to pick the bananas that are just the right color of yellow, or are they going to pick the green or brown ones? How hard is the avocado going to be? What date is the milk going to expire?

And clothing – I am very picky about my clothes.

I am sure it would be easier to send a spouse to the store and still get exactly what you want, nothing more or less, because you pre-ordered everything. Many a spouse would probably appreciate that too. It might save a marriage if one could blame the employee for bungling the order placed in the car.

This brings me to another thought – if the employee loads your car, how can you guarantee the order is correct when you don’t check it? I know I check the drive-through food orders before pulling away, nothing worse than being one burger short when driving a car full of hungry people.

I do like the fact that stores deliver groceries to people in their homes because many people don’t have transportation or are too ill to go out. I had trouble getting out when I was a primary care-giver. I understand the need for these services. Still, I wonder if it will cause people to never walk again. Will we become even more obese and less connected.

Oh, I just don’t know what to think anymore. I feel I am becoming too cynical. After all, I send my human shopping all the time and I don’t really like shopping at the big super store for a variety of reasons.

What about you, would you use this service?


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23 comments on “Is Walmart Helping or Hurting?
  1. Dan Antion says:

    I think the trend is that we are moving closer and closer to eliminating people from retail. They next step would be to have a robot bring the stuff out to your car, or for the pick-up process to be self-serve.

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  2. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Asking a string of questions like this led me to cancel my Amazon Prime account a couple months back. We already take so few opportunities to see each other in person, I want to take those I can. In an emergency, I’ll use such services and not sweat it … but apart from that, I want the full experience. I hope to write a weekly smile post on a related note, which I’d already have done but for the whirlwind of emotion raised by ThUG!

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  3. Phil R says:

    We’ve used a home delivery service for a few years but also visit supermarkets regularly. My anxiety issues of recent years mean some days I can’t face a delivery man at the door without being an adgitated mess and yet other days I can coherently argue at a busy checkout I’m being over charged for something and confidently stand my ground. Me and the Mrs see the home delivery service as offering us the chance to do something more useful with our time. And if they deliver that dodgy banana or don’t deliver something we ordered we get a refund. 🙂

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    • I love that you wrote, “Me and the Mrs”🤣 and I completely understand your needing it at times. Still, I know you get your exercise with your bicycle and you still have contact with people. I even suspect that, when I travel to your side of the pond in the future, you’d be willing to meet me in person.

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  4. I use Amazon Prime frequently. I hate Walmart and won’t shop there at all – even if they bring it to the curb. But I do shop at grocery stores for fresh items and seek out small businesses that meet my needs and give me a chance to really have conversations while I shop.
    Amazon Prime is used for the products I have come to enjoy that I can’t find easily other places. Of course with my Barclays wine deliveries and my HelloFresh food deliveries the Wall E comparisons are good to remind me to get up and go walk the road with my neighbor!

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  5. joey says:

    Hmm. Both.
    For some, it’s a godsend. The part about sick kids, for one. How I would love to drive up and pick up OTC medicine — which I do, because if you tell the pharmacy you’ll also need a bottle of dye-free Bendaryl and Delsym, they’ll add it to your prescription pick-up.
    But maybe not everyone is picking up a scrip…
    And, let’s face it, Walmart isn’t known for good service, so no one will miss that.

    Like the above reader, I order A LOT on Amazon to avoid Walmart. When I have to go there, I despise it. Staying outside would be helpful if I needed only specific items anyone could pick up. I second your avocado-banana concerns. For milk, buy organic, it stays good for over a month. (Not that this is an issue here chez Mottern.)

    I also went out of my way to the last remaining full service station to avoid leaving my kids unattended. Boy, do I miss that on Tuesdays in January :/

    But yeah, contributing to obesity and out-of-shape peoples, yep.

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  6. John Holton says:

    Mary does the shopping because I have a hard time walking around the store, but if something happened where she couldn’t shop, I would definitely use a service like this.

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  7. annika says:

    We don’t have Walmart here, but other similar store chains that offer similar services. You pick the items you want online and then just go and pick the stuff up at a scheduled time or have it delivered to your home even.

    I personally have never used the service, but I know a couple of people who do use it, as they either really hate shopping or see it as a waste of time to go in to the store personally, find the items you want yourself and stand in a long line to pay for the items.

    I usually like the grocery shopping experience and like to choose my own produce. It’s also an excuse to leave the house and walk a bit. I would happily buy everything else online if I could, because shopping for clothes or shoes is an awful ordeal for me, however, the few times I have tried, the items have never been quite right. So sadly, nothing beats actually trying on things first.

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    • Yes, I hate returns in a store, returns on-line terrify me (irrational I know) so clothes are bought in person. Produce is the same. I think the long lines wouldn’t exist if there were enough cashiers, but that’s a different issue.

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  8. Anxious Mom says:

    It’s almost weird that they offer that since I’m sure a lot of their sales comes from impulse purchases. I wonder what the benefit is for them, since if a lot of people use it they’d have to hire more employees. CVS is also doing curbside orders now, which isn’t a bad idea for a pharmacy.

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  9. I have mixed feelings about this too. For the reasons you’ve mentioned it can be a bliss but otherwise people get more and more reclused in themselves and this is surely contra productive… Most inventions etc seem to be ambivalent in nature, this is just one more. Best wishes! Sarah 😄

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  10. Wolf Street says:

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    Family Activewear from $4 at!

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