Mean Links Won’t Play

Sometimes links just don’t behave. They are quite mean and stingy and they just need a time out.

When my phone started beeping at 3:30 this morning, I knew I was either getting pictures from my friend in Australia or a comment from my friend, Phil who lives across the pond from me and seems to be a few hours ahead. My phone beeped for both reasons.

Phil informed me that the post I had linked to my AtoZchallenge theme reveal did not want to play. That simple, informative statement really got me thinking and my mind wandered to my childhood.

“Mom, she won’t play with me!” I would moan because my siblings or friends often did not want to play with me. What did my mom do? Nothing. She was often unsympathetic to my sorrows. She had the philosophy that I should find ways to entertain myself. Truthfully, I can’t imagine she would be able to force anyone to play with me even if she wished they would.

Still, my link wouldn’t play and my link is supposed to do what I tell it to do. It is not my equal, it is not my superior, it is my subordinate and it is required to do what I want it to do. PERIOD.

You know that my March Ahead goal is to really work on my blog. I have been doing a decent job and I am not ashamed to toot my own horn. Still, my mean little link was not behaving and I had to put it in a time-out. I sat it down and looked sternly in its eyes and I told it in a very clear, no nonsense tone, “you better do what you’re told before I get the delete monsters to attack you.”

The little link shivered. The little link’s lips quivered. It straightened it’s back and replied, “Why don’t you see what’s wrong with me? I am just a poor little link and you need to help me.”

I did to my link what I have often done to my offspring. I pulled it close and inspected it. I looked and there was my post about T is for Tuesday, but it wasn’t really what someone else could see. Somehow, when I tried to find it yesterday, I had opened it up in editing mode. I had linked the page incorrectly.

Knowing what was wrong was enough to make my little link much happier. I fixed the error, though I found it a little complicated. Somehow I am having trouble viewing my blog without being in the editing mode, but I am sure I will figure that out soon.

My link and I then had quite an interesting conversation as we thought how grateful we are that people can’t view my posts in editing mode. Imagine the changes they might make. They could take my flamingos and replace them with the Goblin Lord. Oh, that would be horrible.

Well, here I am, writing another post and continuing to learn new things about my blog. I think I have met at least one goal – a community of friendly people. Thanks, Phil, for keeping me on track.

Now, here’s a question to be answered if you would like to help me reach my commenting goals….

Here is a link for one of my very short posts. If it were possible to follow an erroneous link to the edit page, what changes do you think you (or someone else) might make?




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11 comments on “Mean Links Won’t Play
  1. joey says:

    My YouTube link didn’t jibe today. :/ No video appeared.

    I don’t know about editing the other post. I read it twice. The photo format could use some tweaking, and you could italicize the lyrics, maybe a handful of things if you’re striving for perfection — but really, I read for content, and you, Several Fishes, never fail to provide that 🙂

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    I have found that when links, particularly video links, don’t play well, I switch into text mode and edit the page that way. So far, that has always solved the problem for me.

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  3. Phil R says:

    The only thing I’d change is my phone beep so that buffoon across the pond, ‘Phil’ stops bugging you at ridiculous hours of the night 😉

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    I have to admit that I’ve read this post twice and I still don’t understand the problem. The conclusion I’ve reached is that knowledge only comes when the student is ready 😉


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