The Art of Editing

In my attempt to expand my capabilities, I have started to use Scribophile as a new media outlet. I am not sure that is the correct terminology, but bear with me in my quest for becoming a clear writer, PLEASE! This platform allows writers to upload some of their work for critiques.

It’s an interesting concept, this Scribophile. One is not allowed to post their writing until they have critiqued the work of others. It is based on a ‘karma’ point system. The more you critique and participate, the more karma points you earn, and you have to have so many points before you get to post.

This concept might turn some people away, but I like it. I am not comfortable to put any of my writing up yet so I am not feeling put upon.

I had commented on some writing pieces when I first joined, but was unsure how to critique. Interesting, comments don’t earn karma points, but that was alright because I simply wanted to dip my toes in the water at first. I then critiqued a work and enjoyed it, but I don’t know if my input was really helpful for the writer as much as it was for me.

Today I read another passage and found I had a lot to say. I think  hope it was helpful for the writer. I know it was helpful for me. It should help me in my own self-editing. It should also help me to be able to take constructive criticism from others when I do build up enough karma points and confidence to put my own words on the site.

I have been drawing again. I have a new idea for a children’s book about mushrooms. Now I just have to start pulling it all together. I also need to start working on my second book in the young adult series. It’s funny how a little cold weather (little being an understatement) and those terrible complicated taxes needing to be completed, keeps me from moving forward.

I found myself spending the two no-school days switching back and forth between stressing over taxes and binge-watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. It was interesting how much I forgot about those first two seasons, and even more enjoyable to say, “You’re dead” to many of the characters. (I might be evil, but the taxes made me do it) In one episode there were many references to the opt-out idea of actually committing suicide, and Lori said maybe Carl would be better off not living in this world. I said, “Oh, he’s going to live just fine, and he will KILL YOU.” I said it with an evil laugh. I never really liked Lori. However, I must say I missed Shane telling Lori that Rick was dead the first time I watched the series. Maybe that will make me more sympathetic to her – oh, who am I kidding, I still don’t like Lori!

Anyway, the taxes have been filed, the school has reopened, and I am back to work on marching forward.



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7 comments on “The Art of Editing
  1. joey says:

    Glad your taxes are done! Ours are not. I don’t know even when we’re going…
    I never liked Lori either. She was weak and often whiny, and she irked me. I remember the part where the farm was being overrun and she was doin laundry like the farm wasn’t being overrun. Bleh on Lori.
    Good luck with mushroom book! 🙂

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  2. Phil R says:

    The Scribophile and mushrooms sound interesting Manee and not just in comparison to taxes and Lori. Good luck with all 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Unfortunately I agreed to my computer’s request to update and restart. Two hours later, I am still waiting to be able to use it. Why does it take so long to update? At least I can continue to watch Lori be annoying.

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    I must be one of the few people who didn’t dislike Lori. But, man, I was so hoping Carl would get eaten until the current season, in which he doesn’t have as big of a role.

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    I took a writing course a few years ago and one of the hardest parts (for me) was learning how to critique other people’s work. There is actually an art to it – if it’s done well – and I was never confident enough to grasp it.
    I do agree with you though. Critiquing other people’s writing, and reading the comments of other reviewers, really adds to the learning process.

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