March Ahead: Step Three

Yesterday’s lesson involved dreaming. Did you enjoy your day of dreaming? Don’t stop. Keep up the faith that dreams can come true. However, there is a caveat to dreaming your goals into reality.

I have a friend who told me that life is an illusion and we can control it with our thoughts. By training ourselves to see the world as we want it, we create only great things. Well, I tried to think great things for a long time. I tried to believe that, because my book is available for people to read, it would miraculously happen. How did that go for me? Not well.

But I believe I received a sign when my Dear Friend sent me the tape of Steve Harvey saying we have to jump. We have to do things that make us happy, but mostly we have to do something. Yeah, just dreaming isn’t going to make our dreams come true. Action will.

In this lesson we will break down the big dream into smaller, measurable increments.

Because I am doing this for the month of March, I know I won’t be able to focus on my blog, publishing my books AND being a motivational speaking. I realize I am not at all ready for public speaking yet; so, I am not going to think about that any more than just to dream about it.

I circled Successful Blogger because that is going to be my main focus. I will continue to write, but it won’t be my main focus for now.wp-1488551714421.jpg

Now that my ultimate goal is clearly stated, I know where I want to go. Still, for right now, I have only the free version of WordPress and am not able to sell anything on this site. Truth be known, I have nothing to sell on this site. That is not really a problem.

The next step is for me to break it down into a more likely goal for March.

Take an example of someone who dreams she will be a super model, but she weighs 300 lbs (136.078kg). Rather than focus on the ideal weight of size 8 or 10 (I am NOT going to say 2), she really needs to start with a measurable goal of 290 lbs or she would feel overwhelmed and disheartened when, at the end of only 31 days, she was not at her dream weight. Also, she would probably benefit from enrolling in some sort of modeling class, but that is a future step.

I am breaking down my blogging goal for the month of March. I will have 500 followers, at least 20 views per day, and at least 10 comments from people other than myself. My responses won’t count, so there should be 20 comments because, of course, I will respond. This doesn’t seem too unrealistic to me. I will probably take the weekend to tweak this goal and possibly write one for my writing as well. Time will tell.

I will not be posting “lessons” during the weekend, so you will have two days to create your realistic goals for March. On Monday we will continue.

*Interesting note. I thought I posted this early this morning. I was not receiving any responses whatsoever. I decided to check my site. It was not posted. I went into my drafts and found it with only the first two paragraphs remaining. Fortunately I have a good memory. So, one of my goals will have to be to check on my own posts.

Curious, has anyone else ever lost a post they thought they completed?


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25 comments on “March Ahead: Step Three
  1. joey says:

    I’ve lost a draft several times. It’s particularly annoying when they disappear and they were SCHEDULED. I don’t know where they go or why. I try not to think about it, because then I just see red. >.<

    I have to see it to believe it, and I've found the best things come to me, fall into my lap…It's a nice feeling. But I'm not stupid. If I want to eat potato soup tonight, I know my lazy bones has to get out to the kitchen and cook! lol

    It's a good goal. I suggest you read and comment on 500 blogs tomorrow. 😉

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    I’ve yet to lose a post but I dare say it’s just a matter of time. What’s a successful blog? My sgtcookie blog got few likes and comments but I’m so proud of it and would rather it be mentioned at my graveside than my 28 year career (which had it’s moments but just didn’t contain the rich humour and satire of my cricket essays). If you’re happy with a post than that’s success, if it’s enjoyed by the masses that’s a bonus 🙂

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    • Ok, I checked out the numbers. You went from 20 followers to 56. That’s not bad at all. I think you are doing just fine and you are fortunate to have all your posts.

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      • Phil Ryan says:

        Oh bless you, Manee, you visited Cookie 🙂 A lot of my Cookie followers joined after I’d finished it, having been cajoled into visiting from reading some verse to buy some time. But while I was actively posting on there it was very quiet. Followers can be fickle and ‘like’ your stuff without reading or understanding it. Is success one like and comment from someone whose work you admire or 10 likes from followers who may not read it properly?

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      • The first, by far. I often wonder when people seem to like, but never comment, if they are just “like baiting” me into following their blogs. Either way, we will keep posting as long as it makes us happy.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I’ll help you get to your goal today by telling you that I have absolutely lost a post. Actually, I lost a post, reposted it and had the original show up. I ended up with comments on both copies. Ugh, I was so frustrated. I deleted the copy with the fewest comments and I actually copied the comments and sent them to people and asked them to repost them (only 2 people, and I knew them both). It was early and I wasn’t getting many comments 😉

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    • That’s hysterical. I have posted things from drafts and then I get reminders that they are in draft form after three days while I see it posted. I guess I should be glad I had a backup! Thanks for helping me reach my goals.

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      • Dan Antion says:

        In answer to your question/comment about likes without comments, sometimes I just get behind. I read posts in the email notification, and just do the like thing there. Depending on how much my inbox is overflowing, I skip comments.

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      • I have found many blogs that won’t allow comments. Interesting. Also, sometimes I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t consider you to be a hapless liker. (I think hapless is a word.)

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      • Dan Antion says:

        I have trouble with some posts, particularly some stuff written by women. A couple years ago, a woman blogger drew me into commenting on a blog series she wrote about bras. It was all in fun, but it did highlight the issue. I like reading poetry, but I’m never quite sure if I understand the writer’s intent. There’s lots of reasons, but if you see a ‘like’ from me, I read it and I liked it.

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      • As I said, I know you. My thought about the like baiting is when someone likes 50 blogs just fishing for followers. I think I have liked many posts without commenting. As for poetry, I often stop and think, WHAT? But I am sure the author meant something beyond my understanding.

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  4. MR says:

    I am dropping a comment to help you reach your goal. Also I am focused on my March goal of emptying my house of unnecessary clutter (19 years worth). It has been emotionally taxing so far. But I am persevering. My smaller goal is something thrown out, and something posted for sale, everyday. So far so good for March! Thanks for the constant inspiration.

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  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    Now I feel like a slug. I’ve done nothing about my problem … but I did paint 4 doors. Does that count for anything?

    I can’t say I’ve ever lost a post, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. I HAVE had scheduling issues, so my theory is that if you lost a post, it was somehow accidentally scheduled for a date in the past … and there it might be found.

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    • 4 doors is wonderful. I hope to see the pictures on Thursday.


      • Joanne Sisco says:

        hmmm – perhaps you misunderstand. I didn’t ‘creatively’ paint 4 doors. There isn’t a lick of artistic talent in this old girl.
        Make that 4 interior doors of my house in desperate need of a coat of white paint.

        In the process, I did discover however that painting doors is a close 2nd to painting ceilings in the boring and unrewarding category … well, except that they look clean and presentable again.

        Which reminds me, I need to go and replace all the door knobs.

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  6. Anxious Mom says:

    I don’t think I’ve lost many posts on this site (probably a couple I’m forgetting), but when I used to write for a news website that was self-hosted, it was glitchy and things would often disappear when I’d hit the save button. Quite a few curse words were said then.

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  7. becomebetty says:

    Is your blog on social media? I’ve found that to be another time drain. It’s not easy. Just small goals. That’s how I’ve been looking at things. I try to beat my monthly views each month. Keep up the good work. The hardest part is finding the time

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