My Quandry

I like the new show Hunted. It’s interesting how people who live normal every day lives react when they are suddenly told they are on the run and have one hour head start to avoid being captured.

Last night I was able to pay attention to the whole thing. I usually get distracted or fall asleep, but last night I watched as two were captured.

I felt a little unsettled though. I mean, here I am living a relatively safe existence based in part because our National Security Agents are really good at their jobs. They manage to track felons down because of all the mistakes made by contacting family, using ATMs, traffic cameras monitoring license plates, etc. I really appreciate that.

Still, I want some of these participants in the show to win $250,000. I really want a winner. I feel invested in these people. Yes, I know that’s insane, but I like to have people win.

I do think the trackers have an unfair advantage as they seem to have a camera crew on the fugitives at all times. I mean, how difficult can it be to find someone when you have someone with them? Anyway, I’m going to assume there is no tracking device or communication between camera person and the law enforcement so I can continue to enjoy the show.

One thing I think is good about this show is it gives the agency practice tracking people. Even when they are caught, I know they aren’t going to jail. The participants are mere game show participants not hardened criminals.

I have come to the conclusion that I would not contact anyone. I would run out into the woods, or float down the river. I could survive as long as I had someone who knew what was safe to eat in the woods. I could survive and win $250,000.

Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn’t abandon my flamingos.





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9 comments on “My Quandry
  1. Dan Antion says:

    I don’t know how long I could go without attempting to sneak contact with family, I know it would be my doom…

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    I don’t know the show but can you double bluff and not run? Hide in the neighbour’s shed until it all blows over. I suppose they have sniffer dogs so perhaps the shed may need to be a bit further away. Like in the middle of Yellowstone or somewhere. I practically had the 250 spent, now I’ll have to revise my strategy…
    Nice, thought provoking post, Manee 🙂

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    • They thoroughly search all your friends’ places. I agree with the Yellowstone concept, but this takes place between the southeastern states so I would hide in the Appalachian trail. Unfortunately I think my flamingos would probably give me away with all their chatter.

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  3. joey says:

    LOL! That show sounds like an anxiety attack just to watch, maybe worse than TWD! And to be in it?!? Oh the horror. You’re a braver soul than I 🙂

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  4. Sally says:

    You’re right — hiding with a camera crew in tow sounds nearly impossible. I know of a house with a secret room in it but I don’t think we would all fit.

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  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    I don’t know the show, but just the concept makes my skin crawl … yeah, I doubt I would last 24 hours :/

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