Flamingo February

Do Flamingos Have Weight Issues?

I tried something crazy today. I tried on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in years. I did get them buttoned, but I admit, the muffin top returned. 

Fancy had to try them herself.

They do look better on her.

Now, because she is such a good cheerleader, she reminded me that my scale is showing me I have lost 30 pounds, so those jeans will fit sooner than I think.

She wanted to get on the scale.

Fancy: But, but,there’s no number. Replace the batteries now!

Me: Silly, Fancy. This is a human scale. I have a better scale for you. 

Fancy: What does it say? I don’t know how to read this.

Me: (laughing) I can’t see through you.

Fancy: Oh!

It’s official. She weighs 1/4 pound. 

Now she knows what she weighs and will not need a scale again. She knows her weight will stay the same. 

I don’t want mine to stay the same. I want to wear those jeans.


8 thoughts on “Do Flamingos Have Weight Issues?”

  1. Oh to have a life without pants! 😛

    Hurrah on 30lbs! That’s very admirable! 😀

    I have two pair of pants I can wear a few days a month, you know? Still two pair in there I won’t try until I can wear those other pants any old day I want. I can get em buttoned, but then I kinda wanna die. LOL *drinks Tab and thinks about ice cream* LOL

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  2. I had to convert pounds to kg, because I don’t understand that measurement :/ That is a great weight loss, I envy you! I need to loose about the same amount, but it’s not easy. So, well done!

    I’d love to fit into some of my dresses again.

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