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June is Complicated 

I started off being late because of that four letter white stuff – SNOW. Truthfully, I was a little slow, but the snow made me late.  I was able to call and say I was running late and all was

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Dear May, Go Away

No, really, today wasn’t horrible. I did get a lot accomplished. The only trouble is, what I wanted to do was say some magic charm and complete the impossible.  Guess what. I couldn’t.  I found today to be exhausting and

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What They Say About April and May

You know what they say…. April showers bring May flowers. Well, I sure hope that’s true because after I posted yesterday, we had a minor fire situation which was handled and all. You will be able to read about it

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March Ahead

This is part of my first twelve days of January representing the months of the year.  I am clarifying this because I received surprising texts after writing February Cleansing. The texts went as follows: You know it’s January, right? Just

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February Cleansing

There is a gentle rain outside. It was supposed to be warm and dry and the chimney was supposed to be swept today, but instead it is cool and rainy. As I go about my day, I can’t help but

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January Awareness

When I was in college my Spanish class professor told us about a tradition in Mexico. The first twelve days of January are supposed to foretell the success or failures of the entire year. The first day represents January, the

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