The Sun Shines in August 

It was years ago * I mean YEARS ago * when I accidentally or absent-mindedly forgot that there were multiple switches to a light. The light would not light and ended up being dismantled. As a result the kitchen never was as light as I desired. 

I like light. I need light. I suffer from SAD, which means something other than *Sun Absent Dysfunctional* but is the same thing.

My human went out and returned with a light. It is small. It has no bulbs. It was extremely inexpensive and supposedly costs $1.65 to run all year.

Best of all,  it is BRIGHT! I can’t look into it because it is blinding, just like the sun.

But taking a picture of it, makes it look like the moon.

I love this light!

My best-friend-forever came over today and we played cards and she helped me with my project and lifted my spirit by exclaiming how much she could see I have done to finish my project.

And that head cold….. I remember thinking what my parents always said, “three days coming, three days here, three days going.” Well I feel better already. Not completely gone, but I am breathing. 

I feel great just knowing there is light. Here’s to August, the month with the most light!

Not everything is going well, but the light….. the light is like a promise that God is in charge and all will be well. After all, wasn’t it He who said, “Let there be light”?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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8 comments on “The Sun Shines in August 
  1. joey says:

    Let there be light 🙂
    I used to really want one of those lights, because I so often struggled with insomnia due to SAD myself. But now, I have earplugs and I sleep pretty darn good! I’m glad you got yours and I hope it works.
    MY kitchen could stand new lighting. Ours is crying from the 80s and one of the fixtures is lazy 😉
    August-Day was well-rested and happy. Just happy. And there was sushi! I hope no one ruins it before bed! I do usually have a lot of happiness in August…

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    That’s a lovely feel good post to start the week/Summer holidays. 🙂

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  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    I like your version of “let there be light” August rather than my version. I spent yesterday stumbling around in a zombie-like haze because I had pulled an all-nighter. If August is going to be so insanely busy that I don’t get much sleep, I hope it’s because I’m having fun 🙂

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    • May it be restful and filled with many wonderful adventures exploring all the unknown and unusual places around you. I do enjoy reading about your discoveries, especially when they include debatable history between our countries.


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