I Love the Summer

It isn’t really summer until July and as today represents July, I am thinking summer thoughts. Sure that horrible white stuff is covering the world outside this house, I am inside and warm and dry.

Thanks to all the well-wishes, three quarters of a pot of beef/vegetable broth – which was quite tasty, some medicine and having done very little (just enough to feel as though I accomplished something) and a Hallmark movie marathon,  I am feeling somewhat better.  

I have been blessed to spend the day with the beast who was quite happy to get soup bones. July will be just what it should be, relaxing and rejuvenating.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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7 comments on “I Love the Summer
  1. joey says:

    Nice! Glad you’re on the mend! 🙂
    My July-Day has been peaceful and lazy, which I think corresponds with most of my Julys. I tend to hermit in July. I love the cold and snow and just thinking about July’s heat and humidity makes me feel icky! lol
    I made biscuits and gravy today, and helped the boy one find some things in the garage (he’s got new digs) but mostly, I’ve been on my laptop or affectionating the creatures who share my house 🙂

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Wait, did someone say biscuits and gravy? Sorry, I was going to extend get-well-wishes first, but I love biscuits and gravy. We are getting blanketed with snow at the moment. It can wait until tomorrow morning, though. Hoping you feel better soon.

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    • Thank you for the healing thoughts. I really think my virtual friends are making my world healthier. And biscuits and gravy…. well I remember my mother-in-law talking about such a thing, but it wasn’t until the youngest told me about a friend’s mother making it that I learned of the beautiful wonder of such a thing. For now I am only thinking of broth, made with six cloves of garlic… may I sleep in peace and wake in the morning.

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  3. Phil Ryan says:

    I foolishly believed the biscuits and gravy had been made independently of each other but it’s actually a delicacy? Broth in July’s a good thing though. (We get our unfair share of chilly days) Glad you’re feeling better Manee 🙂

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