What They Say About April and May

You know what they say…. April showers bring May flowers.

Well, I sure hope that’s true because after I posted yesterday, we had a minor fire situation which was handled and all. You will be able to read about it after this first twelve days series.  

After the incident one of the offspring went down to the river to relax and somehow managed to get a  nail through the shoe and foot. So this morning was spent at Urgent Care. 

The foot does not need to be amputated, so there is a bright side to April’s showers.

Then, I returned home to find out I had to complete something absolutely major and seemingly impossible before Friday. Okay, these showers might as well be a monsoon.  I  swear I feel a steady wind blowing through my bones. 

However, as I often say, it’s all in the way you look at things. So, instead of cowering in the corner of my room, I took the wings off the shelf, put them on my back and got to work.

No, I don’t actually have wings. I don’t have a magic wand either. Sure wish I did. 

I did get a lot accomplished today and, though I know it won’t be perfect on Friday, I know there is no such thing as perfection so let the life judges snicker all they want.

I did not stress today and I won’t stress tomorrow and all will be well.

It’s kind of interesting that when we set out for Urgent Care today,the trip odometer said 555.5 and I told the offspring it meant major change and I hoped it was good change.

Only time will tell how April will turn out, but if it’s anything like today it will be an adventure 


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10 comments on “What They Say About April and May
  1. joey says:

    My April_Day was peaceful. I worked and taxied people again, but I felt more at ease today. It was a simpler day. I hope my April is simpler.
    Glad no amputation was required. 😀
    Can’t wait to see what May-Day brings.

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    It never rains but it pours…. I’m not surprised this post is littered with f words, just not the ones I expected with all that chaos. Fire, foot, and a flood (of fives, not sure what the collective noun is for fives) but at least they weren’t sixes. I hope there’s a future post about the state of the shoe. They don’t come cheap, can that be saved? I’m worn out just reading about it, good luck today. You won’t be able to move for flowers 🙂

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  3. Phil Ryan says:

    That’s a lovely thing to say, Manee, thank you. And I’m relieved about the shoe. I better start thinking about a May day quip without the need for a distress call…

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    If my April is going to be anything like yesterday, it will be filled with delays, postponements, and cancellations. I suppose that’s better than ending up in Emergency. I had enough of that last year, thank you very much.
    … and fires? I hope not!!

    I’m hoping that a tetanus shot was administered, and other than tender, the foot is fine?

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  5. […] start with reviewing the month of April. On January 4th, I wrote What They Say About April and May. I predicted that April would have an unexpected challenge to complete a project and that there […]


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