March Ahead

This is part of my first twelve days of January representing the months of the year.  I am clarifying this because I received surprising texts after writing February Cleansing.

The texts went as follows:

You know it’s January, right? Just read your blog.

It was followed by

Oh never mind. I missed the one that explained today was about February. I get it now.

This was both comical and frightening as both the sender and I are somewhat concerned about getting Alzheimer’s disease. Anyway, today is the third, so it represents March.

I have had quite a productive day. It started with getting the others out of the house for the first time in over a week. Truthfully, they have each left the house on more than one occasion, but not for an entire day at the same time. Today everyone went to school and work and I remained at home with the beast in peace.

*relaxing sigh*

I received several requests from others and was able to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently. I amazed myself with my productivity regarding phone calls, texts, e-mails, paperwork, and even running some errands. I was completely on the ball!

We recently received a wonderful present from my in-laws. They were ready to get rid of a filing cabinet and I eagerly accepted the chance to relocate it to my house. My human was not so certain we had the room for it, but now that the many piles and boxes of paperwork are organized in nice little files in the cabinet, he is much more enthusiastic.


It is really quite large and even has room for all the millions of photo albums and offspring artwork. It is like a Christmas miracle. The Christmas part of it being I created the filing system over the break, we had the cabinet for over a month before then but it just had piles of stuff in it until recently.

I was able to take paperwork and receipts, etc. and put them in the proper files the minute I walked through the door. I was able to find the phone number for a company I wanted to call without any trouble. Why? It was in the file!

Just now, as I was writing this post, the repairman came to check on our boiler. It’s leaking and he put something in it that is hopefully going to fill in the pinpoint holes without having to replace the entire unit. I am staying positive that the solution will work. It smelled good, like mulled wine. I took that as a merry sign indeed.

Guess what I did when he left? I took the service order paperwork and put it in the file for the company. See how organized I am? I should pat myself on the back. 🙂

I am definitely excited about March. It is going to be an efficient, productive, wonderful month.

I do admit that I had intended on getting to work on my second book, but I somehow didn’t get to that. Oh well, the day is still somewhat young. It is only 3:00, there is still time.

How is your March going to be?


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5 comments on “March Ahead
  1. joey says:

    Did I miss one? I’ll look.
    My March-Day had me overwhelmed at work and home. Increase workload due to what was surely a party-party weekend for everyone, and holy mail. I didn’t wrap up til 5:45 and then I had to stop at the post, and then I had to pick Moo and her friend up and deliver them elsewhere, and collect Sassy from another place, and get food, and come home — and now I’m doing laundry.
    I did, however, find myself in good spirits today — All day! 😀 (Perhaps the right amount of serotonin from lack of proper sleep? lol)

    I used to have a filing cabinet and then it broke, and we put all the files in a big drawer and we seldom bother them. I now use a bulletin board for recent things and then file or toss them when the clip gets heavy/full. But see, I was filing out of anxiety, which is different from regular organization, so we really don’t want me going back to filing all the things, although it may work splendidly for you. We DO want me to buy a new filing cabinet though, we do. We just want the closet organizer people to build it in to the front hall closet. It’ll be grrreat! 🙂

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    • You do not understand the stress of I have to find a, b, and c, and who knows what room they’re in or – no, I am sure I would not have thrown it away! I love my fileys (How I imagine Joey would word it). I hope the brownie type elves create an awesome closet for you. Very glad you had a happy day.

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    February’ was the wife’s birthday so March may be spent curing an over indulgence. I envy your new found organisational skills, Manee. Here we are in ‘April’ and I’m still trying to catch up with ‘March’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    A productive, organized March sounds perfect. I’ll sign up for some of that, please 🙂

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