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If Only

If Only I were Younger  Braver More agile, and Wealthy…. I just saw something, from the safety of my balcony, that I don’t remember ever seeing before.  My human exclaimed, “Look at all the kites.” Then, we looked closer. They


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Old Friends at the Beach

“The sunrise was beautiful this morning.” said the woman on the elevator this morning. “Yes, I’m glad we saw it, spectacular.” the man responded. I was on my way down to the newspaper stand to find Halloween activities. I had

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Old Friend, I Missed You

My old friend and I have not been together for many months. I truly can’t remember the last time we met. Oh, how very much I missed my friend who makes my breathing easy and sends my soul and dreams

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As Long As I Remember

I sat in the area known as “The Square” between all the classes, with a small group of students, trying to help them write essays. One student asked me how to spell volunteer and I started, “V-O-L-“, then I went

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Back in the Saddle

For most of us, falling off a bicycle is no big deal. As long as we were capable of riding the bicycle well in the first place, it is simply a matter of putting our rumps on the seat and

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Speaking to Break the Ice

I joined Toastmasters International this summer. It is a group of people who meet and give speeches and take part in the meeting as “timer” or “evaluator” etc. I don’t really know what the jobs all are, I just joined.

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The Summer is Ending

I have not been communicating this summer. I have been trying to keep my equilibrium enough to stay on my feet during the days. I scheduled all the medical exams for myself and the offspring. There were quite a few

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Don’t Ask Me Why

You might get the reference of the title being a Billy Joel Song. You might remember my recent post titled, “There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything.” I could link it, but I am on my phone, spent hours in

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Why Didn’t I Do This Before?

You all know the Youngest Offspring has been the DJ in my car for quite some time.  Y’all know I now have iTunes on my computer and phone because the Youngest Offspring helped me in desperate times. Did you know

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One Liner Wednesday

This is for Linda Hill’s one liner Wednesday.   It doesn’t matter what others say about me. It only matters what I say about me.

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