Just an Egg

I am no longer the best mother in the world. When the offspring were young I never sent them out of the house without a healthy breakfast. Back then they were easy to please. Even when it was the dreaded oatmeal, they were satisfied if it had cinnamon and raisins.

As they have aged their taste buds have changed as well as their appetites. They might eat nothing for hours and then devour everything in sight and ask within a half hour of cleaning out the fridge, “Hey, Mom, when’s dinner?”

Lately they tend to skip breakfast – yes, I know breakfast is the most important part of the day, but the offspring tend to think that last 15 to 30 minutes of sleep is more important.

One day I asked my youngest if I could make anything  desirable for breakfast.

The response was, “An egg, just an egg.”

As I broke the egg into the pan, an additional request was made. “Could you make toast so I can have an egg sandwich?”

top piece looks like a turtle or a dragon


Now that the egg sandwich was almost ready the youngest added another question. “Do we have any breakfast meat?”

Ah, not perfect Mom is stepping up to the challenge.

“Can I have some cheese too, please?”


Ah, breakfast is served. What’s for breakfast? An egg, just an egg.

Have you ever asked someone for something simple only to make it more complicated? Offspring, the source of all things made more complicated.


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13 comments on “Just an Egg
  1. Phil Ryan says:

    I’m with your offspring on the importance of those extra 15 minutes in bed, Manee. Shower, shaving, preparing breakfast all done the night before just for those precious few more minutes…

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    It does look better in the last picture 🙂

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  3. annika says:

    Reminds me of this old fairy tale about how a clever woodcutter told a stingy old lady how he could make a soup out of just water and a pebble in a pot. The old hag was intrigued that one could make soup out of pebbles, so she provided the water and fire to make it. The woodcutter started to boil the pebble and after a while said: “hmm, but the soup would be so much better if we could add some onion to it!” The hag gave him some onion. After a bit the man sad: you know what would make this even more amazing? some carrots!” So he cheated out all of the ingredients for a hearty meat soup from the hag and the hag ate the soup thinking: oh wow, this is such a good soup! I can’t believe it only took a pebble to make it.” Not the best retelling of the fairy tale, but… just a pebble, just an egg 😛

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    • I love that you thought of that! I know the story as Stone Soup, and it is a homeless person who gets the ingredients from an entire community. I love that story. Hmm, I could regret having read it to the offspring, but I don’t. Thanks for commenting, I am now smiling.

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  4. joey says:

    Offspring are like that.
    An egg sammich is a go-to over here, more for the “Oh cripes, we just got home and it’s 9:00 and people needa eat!” than for brekkie, but yes, they hit the spot 🙂
    I’ve gotten them into Ovaltine, buncha breakfast skippers.

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  5. SD Gates says:

    Hi Manee, The only thing I can tell you is at some point they will be able to make their own breakfast. But I have discovered that I would much rather make their breakfast than have to clean up the horrible mess they leave in the kitchen sink (because they don’t have time to clean up themselves, and, oh – their time is SO much more valuable than my time in the morning).

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  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    You’re a good mom. Would you make me one too? 😉

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