If You Set It, Check It

Seriously,  there is nothing worse (well maybe a few things) than finding a trap three months after it was set.

So, when one of the offspring had a slew of mousetraps along with a jar of peanut butter,  you know I was serious when I said, “If you set it, you better check it.”

Also, don’t want mice? Don’t leave food in your room. 

Oh, a mom can dream.


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9 comments on “If You Set It, Check It
  1. joey says:

    Oh boy.
    I have three cats and a dog. Mice can only dream. Without those hunters, you can bet Moo’s room would be a paradise for all sortsa critters.

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    Like Joey, I have a cat. Mice would be wise to give this house a wide berth 🙂

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  3. sandmanstwin says:

    “If you set it you better check it” is genius Manee. I went for the slightly more poetical but less practical “if you set it you better vet it!” meaning the same but a misunderstanding led to a small fortune in rodent health care.

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  4. sandmanstwin says:

    Well, you say wasted but in reality it led so some meaningful friendships with ‘Freddie’ the mouse, ‘Gerry’ the gerbil, ‘Zorro and Tonto’ a pair of Guinea pigs, (my children’s traps were getting more elaborate and I’m not convinced were confined to bedrooms) Sonia the vetinary’s receptionist and finally Constable Eve Ninall who’s beat incorporated the local pet store but there’s a tale (of tall proportions) for another time. Sorry, Manee, it’s still early over there. Have a coffee and ignore my idiocy. 🙂

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  5. Anxious Mom says:

    If my neighbors didn’t have cats that roam outside (and leave pawprints on our cars), I’d get one. We used to get mice regularly while living in my grandmother’s very clean house until my brother got a cat, and then that wasn’t a problem anymore.

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