Does the Water Taste Better?

When we were in Ocean City this summer I went on a picture taking binge. I walked the town looking for Pokemon and captured an equal amount of pictures and Pokemon. I am glad I did because I found this picture. 

Ocean City’s water tower lit up at night

I don’t remember thinking much about the pointed metal protruding from the tower when I took the picture. My human says he remembers seeing someone drawing on it.

Now I know why it looked interesting.  

This is the water tower now. 

It has gotten a “facelift” since August and certainly looks pretty. I wonder if the water tastes better. I could try it and see, but I have wine, and for now that’s fine.


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10 comments on “Does the Water Taste Better?
  1. sandmanstwin says:

    This reminds me of a story from my childhood, a long time ago so my recollections are a little hazy and I’m not for one second throwing accusations of plagiarism around. The gist of it involved water and wine (but no tower, of either) and if I believed I would have everlasting life! Manee, I believe in you, can I have everlasting wine?

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  2. sandmanstwin says:

    The water and wine story was from The Wedding Feast of Cana in the bible. You enjoyed my story of The Creation of Cricket, on my alter ego’s blog and I thought I was on safe ground trying to be funny. God made us in His own image so even His sense of humour misses the funny bone on occasions. I’ll stop there before I’m dodging lightning bolts again… 🙂

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    • I did wonder if you meant that story, but wasn’t sure. It was very early when I responded to you and I went back to sleep. I think you’re safe from lightning bolts and I did enjoy the cricket story. I actually did think your comment was funny, might have been too asleep to respond properly. 😊

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  3. sandmanstwin says:

    You responded wonderfully. I did think my cricket writing would send readers to the land of nod and now, it’s confirmed, my comment writing has that effect! But that’s no bad thing. We all need our sleep.
    Thanks Manee, best wishes from England. 🙂

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  4. Erika says:

    That looks really cool!

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  5. Aquileana says:

    How neat… at first sight the first pic could be considered an UFO 😉

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