It Wasn’t Snowing

We were on the long stretch of highway the last day of July, when it appeared to be snowing. White balls of fluff were dancing in the air in front of our car. My mind told me they were really dandelion seeds, because dandelion seeds do look like snow, and it was over 80 degrees outside.

But we were on the highway and though there may have been dandelions in the fields surrounding us, I found it unlikely that so many of them would be dancing around the highway.

Upon closer inspection, I realized the white fluff was actually coming from the large truck in front of us.wp-image-535414579jpg.jpg

Interesting, I thought. It didn’t seem logical that it was a truck full of snow or dandelions. I don’t think Maryland is known for its cotton production, but one never does know about these things, perhaps it was cotton?

My human agreed to pass the truck so I could get a closer look.



Ah, chickens. Well, that makes sense. There was one that looked as if it had died and I was sad about that. My human told me he thought it was just asleep. I am still dubious about that, but I was grateful that it wasn’t snowing.

Have you ever seen any unusual freight in your travels?


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6 comments on “It Wasn’t Snowing
  1. joey says:

    Kinda funny 🙂
    I took a photo last month…this big semi, with a trailer that read INNOVATE OR DIE. I found it bizarre, hence the photo. I researched it online and found nothing. I still haven’t posted the picture.

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  2. Every time I pass one of these I want to give up meat. “To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.” ― Arne Garborg

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  3. sgtcookieblog says:

    I can’t recall seeing any unusual freight on the highways of Leeds and surrounding area other than, coincidentally, a lorry load of chickens heading for a new chicken farm in the countryside with comfortable coops and not a fox to be seen for miles around. I hope your chickens enjoyed a similar destination. 🙂

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