T is for Tuesday 

My number one rule for the offspring is NOBODY LEAVES THE HOUSE WITHOUT HUGGING THE MAMMA.

OK, they are permitted to go wandering Flamingo Fields without a hug, but to get on the road to school or various activities requires a goodbye hug.

The rule is not reversible. In other words, nobody seems to feel it is necessary to hug the mamma before she leaves the house.

Each school day I am, perched by the door they use to leave the shelter of home. I hug each goodbye and tell them I love them, etc. It’s probably exactly what many other parents do every day. But when hugging the youngest, there is a different tradition started so long ago that I can’t really remember when.

I do remember the last day of school last year when I thought, “Oh, good, I don’t have to think about this for a few months.”

Our morning routine involves saying, “Have a -” and ends with something inspiring that starts with the same letter as the day of the week.

Some great examples are

Magically Magnificent Monday

Totally Terrific Tuesday

Wonderfully Wish-fulfilled Wednesday

Thoroughly Thought-provoking Thursday

Fundamentally Fun Friday


Well, this morning my mind was not terribly on task. When the youngest told me to have a terrific (I think that was the word) Tuesday, my response was have a Titanic Tuesday.

You should have seen the expressions on the faces of the offspring. That was not an acceptable word choice. WHY WOULD YOU CURSE US? TAKE IT BACK NOW!

Oops! The youngest is slightly superstitious. No, not slightly, seriously superstitious.

My mind went on a total terrible strike. The next words out of my mouth were, “How about a totally tarantula Tuesday?”

Yeah, that did not go over well.

I spent several seconds mind stuttering, “t-, t-, t-,” as the only words in my head were terrifying, tacky, tainted, terrible…..

Curses – why did I not say terrific before the youngest wished me a good day? Why was I slow to the punch line? Why do I insist on using different word choices from the offspring?

I did eventually say something thoughtful and kind and the offspring traveled to school.

Just a little bit ago I received a text from the youngest.

Hmm, a Texting Tuesday?

The text said: My tonsils are bothering me, it’s probably allergies.

Well, there you have it – mystery solved – it’s a Tonsil Tuesday.

I hope you all have a Totally Titanic, Tarantula, Tax-free Tuesday. May it be Terrific and any other t-word that brings greatness.




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4 comments on “T is for Tuesday 
  1. Giggles love it!

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  2. Well, having given this some thought the best I can come up with is… And this will depend on the age of it’s reciprient. If I said this to my offspring as they left the house for school I’d have probably got a look of ‘can’t wait for the results of the paternity test’. So I waited until they were in the school yard and bellowed it across the playground instead.
    Have a tiptop tiptoe through the tulip Tuesday!
    I do miss them….

    Thanks for your recent visit to sgtcookie, Manee and taking the time to pass comment. Much appreciated 🙂

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  3. […] wrote a post about sending my youngest off to school each day with words of encouragement. The words have to […]


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