Mimicking Perfection

I wanted to be perfect, but I didn’t know how

I asked the flamingos to give me advice


The flamingos gathered to discuss the qualities of one who is perfect.

They thought and conferred for quite a long time

But knowing not the ways  and means

by which perfection I might glean

Thus, an example of perfection, they sought to find


A flamingo looking towards the sky

They looked up above but only spied

Various clouds floating by


Flamingos looking down

They looked down carefully, their heads in the weeds

But all they found were seeds and leaves



Flamingos in a circle looking outwards

They carefully looked all around

And sadly reported perfection was not to be found

I worried I would never be

perfect, not perfect, oh, woe is me


In sadness they shook their pretty pink heads

until one flamingo simply said

Perfection really is all in your head

What you should focus on instead

is doing your best and learning from the rest





I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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3 comments on “Mimicking Perfection
  1. I’ve always thought your flamboyance was very wise! I’d heed their advice. How are your garden fairies doing Ms Manee 😉😉

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    • I suspected I knrw little scarlet, but wasn’t sure. Your question clears up any doubt! The garden furniture came in last winter and many fairies chose to live inside year round. I suspect they come and go through the cracks and crevices of this old house. We have a new water fairy in our fish tank so I think everyone mystical is quite happy. I am glad my flamboyance has been helpful. They are sometimes such trouble makers that I worry.

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  2. Giggles, yes it’s “me” 😀 🌸❤🌸

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