Is it a Sign?


When you accidentally bump into the shelf in the laundry room and something falls, is it a sign of what must be done?


Bottle of Fabreze landed in a shoe

I had to check. As I reached down to retrieve the Fabreze, I was met with no foul odor, so I thought it was not necessary to spray. I guess it was an adventurous bottle, ready to leap at any moment. At least it had a soft landing.

Now if I could only get people to take their shoes out of the laundry room.


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2 comments on “Is it a Sign?
  1. joey says:

    I’m glad you didn’t find it smelly 🙂
    Years ago, I swear my bottle of Downy leapt from the overhead shelf in an attempt to knock me unconscious. It was the very same year a large can of kidney beans jumped from the pantry and tried to take off my big toe. One never can be too careful about the motives of items overhead. I feel it’s a conspiracy against short people.

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