Scanning Away to Sanity

I recently bought a scanner/printer/fax machine which is fantastic. I got it because I wanted to be able to scan in the massive piles of papers I have and when I tried to buy just a scanner I was sold a combination thingie – because – you know- it was less money and did more. Technology is so strange!

I recently faxed something for the first time. It was so exciting. I don’t think anyone else appreciated the fact that I sent a fax, but for me it was a big deal.

Now I am busy using the scanner. It took me some time to understand all the little idiosyncrasies involved in scanning in a child’s preschool paintings and then copying it and putting it into a document. It took me a long time and many hairs on my head were lost in the process, but I finally got the knack of it.

Some of the work is a little difficult to configure. They pasted heads and hands and feet on top of the written words so I have to scan it several times in different ways in order to get the entire piece into several pictures on my computer. Still, it works. I never did get the legs of the mailbox to show up on the screen, but it looks like a mailbox anyway. (I would show you the picture, but I haven’t figured that out yet)

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your child’s work show up on your screen. Seriously. Well, okay, seeing your child for the first time that moment he/she is born may have been more exciting, but seeing their work on the screen is pretty cool.

Why am I scanning in piles of work saved from the time my children were three and first attended school? Because I saved them. I saved everything that they ever touched. Every single piece of paper that ever made contact with their precious little fingers or toes.

Okay, I probably didn’t save them all, but I sure did save a lot. I have file cabinets, plastic tubs and drawers filled with all the artwork, writing, and dang awards as well as report cards. Now tell me, am I ever going to look at them?

No, I will look at the pile and panic, become overwhelmed and put them in the attic. Yes, my attic is filled with boxes of paper.

So, I decided to start scanning in the papers and it has been quite fun. First of all, my children drew self portraits at an early age and it is quite hysterical to see the color of the crayon used to color their faces. We all got a chuckle out of all the pictures and mother’s day cards, etc.

One thing I noticed was the list of best friends. Only one is still a best friend. How strange and sad and all is that?

As I scanned I started singing to myself….. scanning away to sanity because getting rid of the massive piles of paper will help restore my sanity. At least I hope it will.

I sang it to the tune of a song we used to sing when traveling from NJ to MD.

When I was young we did not have i-pods, smart phones, or any other device in our vehicles that helped us pass the time. I think we had a radio, but we never listened to it. Instead, we sang all kinds of songs, especially songs my siblings learned at various camps. As the runt of the family, I never went to camp. Poor me. 🙂

The tune was from a song my sibling sang at camp, I will call Sailing Away to Boston Town simply because I could not find it on Google.

Here are the words we remembered in case any of you know the song because it’s going to drive me crazy.


Once I tried to quit the sea for a blue eyed boy from Kentucky, look away, look away, far away

the old north wind is blowing hard and (I’m) bound for a better (sea) my boy

He loved money more than me, so on my way I’ll always be, sail away, sail away to Boston Town.

I once heard Patricia Heaton say she threw away all the artwork her children brought home. Every single thing they brought home. I don’t know if she was serious or exaggerating, but it really struck me as interesting. I have never thrown anything away. Yes – exaggeration.

What about you? Do you throw everything away, save everything, or have you struck a happy balance between keeping and tossing? What is the one thing you can’t part with?







I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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10 comments on “Scanning Away to Sanity
  1. joey says:

    UH. I’m a purger, so while I have collected and framed some pieces, and gifted some, I have thrown hundreds away. Had I not, we would need a room just to keep every piece of art. I maintain a file folder for all of them, their lil awards and grade cards. They all have scrapbooks of pictures and trips I made for them. They all have a box of holiday ornaments and stuff, and they all have a box of keepsakes. They all have a folder for photographs featuring them as well. If they want them later, I’ll have them, but I don’t keep everything. I don’t even keep a lot.

    I scan and fax and print and attach quite a bit at my job. The printer hates me, just FYI. It glitches with everyone, but it mostly hates me. lol

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    What you are doing with children’s art, I’ve been doing with photos. SO. MANY. PHOTOS.
    Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the originals :/

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  3. lisakunk says:

    I took the kid’s art/drawings and taped them like a collage on a wall (actually our fireplace.) I had the artist pose with the art. I love these pictures and put them in a photo album labled kids and their art. There are four sections in the album, one for each kid. I kept the original in plastic bins in the attic but know time and heat will not be kind to them. Someday, it will be easier to let them go. Or they may go to the owners homes when they get settled somewhere. Then they can go in their own attic. Ha.I have large plastic bins for the kids filled with their fun writings and school projects. I’m a keeper of memories. My mother kept mine for me and I appreciate it greatly. I have all the stories and poetry I created in my youth. It’s fun to look through and share with my kids. Other stuff, clutter without memories may come and go but emotional attachments are worth keeping for me. RE scanning, I fear CDs and DVDs will go the way of tapes and video recordings. Where does the preserving to digital go next? Flash drives and memory sticks are great for now. But I fear they too will become passe. ARGGGGG. I understand your desire to gain control. It’s hard. Good luck.

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  4. John Holton says:

    You can use a scanner in conjunction with Evernote and be able to get rid of a lot of paper. Now, anything that comes to me on paper gets scanned and filed in Evernote. It’s especially good for things like product manuals and warranties, which you can never seem to find when you need them. Mary has been reducing the knitting books she keeps by having me scan the patterns, which she then keeps on her iPad. Then, she’s donating the books to her knitting guild. I keep trying to talk her into Evernote, which also has great search capabilities (it costs like $70 for the whole thing, but it’s worth it), but she doesn’t seem interested.

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