Hahaha! SPAM!


Linda Hill and Joey both posted about comments going to spam so I thought I would check my spam.

I have read many comments before about the strange things people write in comments. I have only received two strange comments before. One was something about joining some group and I thought maybe I would, but I didn’t. The other was someone saying simply, FOLLOW ME with a link. To this day I have not been able to find any website associated with that link or the name attached. I do have security on my computer so I know I did not get a virus.

When I opened my spam it had 5 comments marked as spam and let me tell you something – they were ABSOLUTELY SPAM.

  1. Probably 300* words which repeated the same gibberish that was grammatically incorrect, misspelled and repetitive about something I could not understand about how great my blog is. *Because I was curious, I copied it and put it into Word so I could know how many words – 2202 – seriously, just wanted to give me a little pep talk?
  2. same as the first but much shorter.
  3. I might be able to say a few words in other languages, but I only read English – no clue what it said and I am not going to bother to use translation tools.
  4. Same as #3, but longer and possibly a different language.
  5. Really appreciated my blogging suggestions when the article was about shopping at Walmart.

Here’s my take-away.

  1. I don’t think I lost any good comments
  2. I am glad those comments did not appear on my page
  3. I must be getting better at this blogging thing because now I am on the radar of spammers! I take that as a win.


But, apparently some people are losing comments to their spam folder so I recommend looking at yours if only for the laugh at the weird spam that is out there.


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11 comments on “Hahaha! SPAM!
  1. joey says:

    Almost none of my comments are sticking today. I am sad. I must go to work now so that I may type things that stick.

    I had TONS of comments from blogging buddies in my spam. :/


  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    I have lost one or two real ones, but rarely and I always forget to check it regularly. I should, if for nothing else than material.

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    • One of my emails gets some great messages about princesses trying to hide their money from evil husbands or fathers. I had a great time reading them to my husband. He came up with some great responses which, of course, I didn’t send.

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  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    Your post was the 3rd today about spam, so of course I had to check mine. Wow! Comments from four of my favourite bloggers were in my spam folder.

    That’s just wrong!

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  4. Ha ha I’ve gone through my spam before too…weird stuff. 🙂

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  5. John Holton says:

    On occasion Akismet gets a little aggressive and throws a good comment in there (that’s what was happening to me: all my comments to others were being tossed in the spam folder), but for the most part it’s really spam, and sometimes hilarious. I get a few comments every week from people wanting to sell me SEO services. I mean really, do they think spamming me is going to convince me to use their tools?

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