Did You Know I’m From Maryland?

So I saw the news.

I had to share it with the youngest.

I said, “Did you know Michael Phelps laughed during the National Anthem while receiving the 20th medal?”

Youngest: “No, but I am not surprised.” *disclaimer – might not have been the exact wording.

Me: “Don’t you think that’s disrespectful?”

I see the thought process clearly on the youngest’s face. I know Michael Phelps is a hero,  especially to young Maryland athletes. The youngest is trying to figure out how to react because sometimes Mom is a little tricky. So Mom steps in to stop the overtaxed summer brain.

Me: “Know why he laughed?”

Youngest: “Because he was excited to win?”

Me, “Nope. Because when it came to it, Michael heard a part of the crowd scream OOOOOHHHH, say does that star spangled banner yet wave!”

Know what the youngest did? The youngest smiled.

You see, it isn’t just Baltimore that screams OH during this song. It’s sung during high school games all the way up here in nowhere land Cecil County. It’s a Maryland thing, hon, and the youngest was born and raised here.

If you think it’s disrespectful understand one thing….. the anthem comes from Maryland and we are proud!

Go, Michael, Go


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One comment on “Did You Know I’m From Maryland?
  1. Dan Antion says:

    Things are often not what you imagine.

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