When You Walk Like a Cartoon Character 

If you could be a chartoon character, who would you be.?

I don’t think I would mind being Betty Boop.

In the last few days I have said one thing more than I would like to be thinking…..

“Please just walk, I will follow.”

They don’t listen. Instead, they hover around me which makes me feel awkward, slow, old, and handicapped. 

For some reason having a pain in my left heel and a problem with my right Achilles, isn’t enough for the goblins. Now I can’t stand up straight. 

Really goblins?

  • So I am reminded of the cartoon. It is either Curious George or Between the Lions.
  • The character is a little old man who says he is running (hurrying) and he will get there EVENTUALLY. 
  • He does not move, but his feet are moving.

I am not happy to be feeling so old.

Still, I move.

Why? Because I won’t give in to the goblins. Evil goblins!

If I could choose a Cartoon Character, I would be Mighty Mouse.

Sadly,  I can’t choose.

All I can do is thumb my nose at those dang forsaken goblins.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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2 comments on “When You Walk Like a Cartoon Character 
  1. joannesisco says:

    It’s bad enough that our aging bodies aren’t quite as flexible and resilient as they once were. Having an injury really adds to the misery.

    Don’t give in to the goblins and hope your feet find a happy place soon!

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