Is Eggplant a Super Food or Pointless?

Really, I have always heard eggplant is really good for you, but I don’t care for it. 

I have tried to like it. I have learned to like baba ganoush at the restaurant, but not so much when I make it myself. 

My niece made a tasty soup featuring eggplant and it was spicey and acceptable. 

I recently made this dish. Eggplant, red peppers,  and fresh herbs.

It was tollerable. Truthfully, it was good and I even ate the leftovers. 

Then I heard that eggplants do not really have any nutritional value.  

Really? If this is true I might just stop trying to like it. If it isn’t true, then I found a tolerable side dish.

Because I am too lazy to research it, I am going to see the responses to this post.  Is it worth it to try to teach myself to like eggplant I cook, or should I just rely on others, or give up on eggplant?


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6 comments on “Is Eggplant a Super Food or Pointless?
  1. Solveig says:

    Eggplant can be so tasty.
    Well it’s main advantage seems to be it’s lack of calories. It does contain vitamins and minerals but not much… Manganese is the most present. On Wikipedia it says that it has chlorogenic, which is meant to be good for our health.
    It’s a great food for combining with rigger ingredients. The Italian cuisine is very rich with eggplant.

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  2. joannesisco says:

    I actually like eggplant, but I’ve given up trying to cook it. I have found it impossible to get the flavours I remember from my childhood.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    I am fussy about eggplant. I like it fried. I like an occasional eggplant Parmesan grinder (which is basically the same as fried but with the addition of cheese) and I used to really like stuffed eggplant, but only when my grandmother made it. Other than that, I’d rather have Zucchini.

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  4. joey says:

    They are not “nutrient dense” but they are nutritious. They have minerals, cause you know, plant, but they don’t offer much in the way of protein.
    I like eggplant, LOVE BABA GANOUSH! But, for many recipes, I could just as easily sub zucchini.

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  5. elliebleu says:

    Its like a potato. I agree with Joey…Zucchini is a great and affordable alternative.

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