Coming Soon to a Store Near You

In the interest of having things to post, I am updating drafts written through the year and not posted. Here is an example.

I took these pictures in the Mart of Wal (Walmart) last fall when I was interested in decorative squash. It was that time of year when, for a few days, I actually like wearing jeans and hoodies and seeing the wonderful new colors in the trees. It’s a very short period that is quickly followed by the horrid days of freezing temperatures and little sun and all things expensive like heating oil and …..image

Christmas – or whatever holiday that costs a lot of money.

Technically there are plenty of days between September/October – when hot apple cider and pumpkin seeds are enjoyed – and December 25th. There are many days, months even before I need to think about trees being inside.

Apparently the Mart of Wal does not think we have time to waste. Apparently we need to get all of our decorations at the same time because this was in the same store as the pumpkins at the same time.


Does this store think I am so organized that I have places to put all this stuff so it is ready for the proper time, or do they think I am so disorganized that I won’t bother to look for what I have stored away from all my years of holiday celebrating?

The truth is, I have so many decorations that I have started to discard some, but I promised myself I won’t buy any more. So, dear store owners, I know you are not putting pumpkins out yet because nature won’t allow it, at least not for the real edible ones. I will be ready for them when it is time. Now is not the time.

Another thing the store people need to know is I don’t want to think about back to school supplies the last week of school. Thank you again for assuming I am so organized that I get my supplies months in advance and am able to keep track of them. What I want to be able to buy now is sunscreen, bathing suits and towels.  Goggles, beach chairs, and pool toys are also acceptable. School is not on my mind now.

I will admit that school is now only a month away and I can deal with thinking about it, I am just not going to buy anything. Why? Because for years I bought so many binders for children who thought they needed many binders (and their supply lists agreed) that I have quite a few.

I might have to buy something, possibly, but I will wait until they have actually met their teachers and been told what they have to have.


Binders and Paper and even some dog hair 


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16 comments on “Coming Soon to a Store Near You
  1. joey says:

    School starts here on the 4th, so summer is basically over. It’s busy time now. One of those times a year when you just want to hide from all the busy.

    I have very little in the way of decorations, and I like it that way. Scarecrow, cornucopia, half a dozen Yule things, lil bunny rabbit candy dish. Meh, the rest of the world REALLY decorates enough!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I used to love buying school supplies. We also used to like taking our daughter to shop for school supplies. H,,,. I might just need a new pencil box…they probably don’t make those anymore 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. joannesisco says:

    Not to mention the cold weather clothing that has started to pop up in stores already. Seriously, the temperatures have been sweltering and the last thing I want to see right now are long sleeved hoodies!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lisakunk says:

    I, being an empty nester with grown kids who buy their own college supplies, have just been thinking about all the stored school supplies I own. It’s time to donate to one of the many “tools for schools” charities. I look forward to a little more space to shove my other clutter into.


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