No Question 

Have you heard the news reports that many restaurants have calamari on their menus, but what they put on the table is sometimes anything but squid?

The first time I had calamari was when I was either a college student or recently graduated. The chef (bonafide chef – award winning) in my family was also home for a visit. It truly was squid, I watched as it was cut up and when it was placed on the table I was willing to give it a shot. I wasn’t the most adventurous eater, but when the chef cooked I knew to try anything.

I loved it!

Now my family almost always orders calamari whenever it is on the menu. It is never too much because there are so many of us, but we usually get enough to be satisfied.

For Valentine’s Day my husband and I shared an order in Ocean City. It seemed as if it were a much more generous portion, but I suspect it is because there were only two of us eating.

I have even eaten non breaded calamari on top of a pizza. It was not bad, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite way to eat it.

The conversation that always seems to take place when eating our meals pertains to the question of whether or not it is real squid. It is a legitimate question, yet I tend to dismiss the idea that I might be eating the bottom of a fish. It seems better to just enjoy the food and not feel annoyed that someone might be pulling the fin over my eyes.

On my recent trip to New Jersey, we stopped at a bakery/cafe and I ordered the calamari.

This time I was the only one eating it. This time the portion was ginormous! It was also delicious, though perhaps the first bite was a little timid; the appearance was just slightly off-putting.

Well, there was no doubt in my mind. It was the genuine thing. Just look at it and you must agree it certainly looks like a squid.



I think I can see it trying to tell me something.

It doesn’t look very appetizing, does it? Trust me, it was great. Wish I could tell you where it was, but I don’t even know what town it was let alone the restaurant.

Have you ever eaten something and wondered if it was really what was advertised?




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6 comments on “No Question 
  1. joey says:

    I love calamari, too. I haven’t had that exact experience, but you know how I am about meat. I’ll eat scrapple, sausage, etc because I know what’s in it, but sometimes people call versions of this sort of meat ‘hamburger’ or ‘chicken’ or ‘pork’ and those I won’t eat. Everyone should know what they’re eating.
    Bottom of a fish, hm? Interesting.

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  2. joannesisco says:

    I’m not a fan of calamari … to me it has the texture and taste of rubber hose. It never occurred to me it might not be squid … maybe I have actually been trying to eat rubber hose :/

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    • You probably have. When cooked properly it actually melts in the mouth. When I had it on a pizza it was chewy, but the pizza was good. From now on I will only eat it on its own- though I love proper spicy dipping sauce.

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  3. Calamari is one of our ‘test’ dishes. If the calamari is good at a new restaurant, we’ll go again. If it isn’t – nope. I love when I get tentacles! Yummy crunchy goodness. Only once has this test failed us (good calamari, but everything else sucked and was overpriced).

    Good calamari is tender and melts in your mouth. Overdone calamari or worse, fake calamari, is like breaded rubber bands.

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