Not a Weed or Flower 

While weeding my flower garden that boarders the pool, I found something that is neither a weed nor a flower. It is a tomato plant. I don’t know what type of tomato,  but I told it that – technically – it will flower before it produces tomatoes, so it may stay.

I wish my flower boarder garden had more flowers, but I am happy having any volunteer plants.

So, this tomato might be a grape, cherry, big boy, or plum. Any guesses?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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2 comments on “Not a Weed or Flower 
  1. Dan Antion says:

    We get some volunteer tomatoes every year. It’s fun to wait and see.

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    • Last year (maybe the year before) we had many where we dumped the compost, but this is not anywhere near either the vegetable garden or the compost. I suspect one of those beloved critters, or maybe the flamingo standing next to it. I love when I don’t have to work.

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