Because I Don’t Know Everything 

Today is Thursday and apparently it is not simply a door’s day, but it is also a texture day for many bloggers. I liked  a post by Narami that caused me to look twice at the picture posted. It reminded me of my day.

When I came up from the basement, having turned off the water to the hose for 2’s water table (2 is the 2yr old little who visits frequently), I thought I saw a bug move. I say I thought I saw a bug because I looked again and then laughed at myself. It was not a bug, I told myself, it’s just a curled up, dried up leaf.

Then it moved again.

I was happy to have my phone with me, though I did not realize I would want to share this experience so quickly. To understand the meaning of my bug’s picture, please visit Narami’s page and go ahead and experience the texture of Thursdays.

Phones are wonderfully smart. I love having my phone with me, I wonder what I would have captured if I had was lucky enough to have one when I was small andd saw amazing things everywhere I looked.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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5 comments on “Because I Don’t Know Everything 
  1. joey says:

    That’s pretty neat! Last spring, I swore I found an old coat button in the ground. One of those narrow kind you wrap the cord around? Anyway, it turned out to be a bug, cocoon, larvae, I dunno — anyway, it was a critter fing.

    Here’s a pic:

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