Just Playing a Game

I was cleaning the dishes with my mind set on today’s goal of getting the kitchen clean at the very least. I started thinking about why I was cleaning my kitchen. My thoughts wandered to the idea of selling my house and wanting it to look its best in order to get the best offer. I was content with this thought for approximately two minutes.

When I was a young child, my siblings and I were each given a list of chores that varied on a regular basis. I did not particularly care to vacuum the dining room or dust the large hutch. I would pretend I was Alice on The Brady Bunch and for some reason that always made the chore more palatable. I could pretend I was solving the family’s troubles as I did what I was paid to do. Nobody paid me to do chores, but I could pretend like the best of all actors.

I once met the actress who played Alice. She was staying with the Bishop and came to our church to talk to the congregation. I was very excited. I thought she would tell us about the set of my favorite show. I was greatly disappointed because all she talked about was her relationship with God.

IMAGINE– coming to our church and talking about God – the nerve! I suspect I might have had the same reaction had I met Kirk or Candace Cameron in high school. I fully appreciate both those actors now that I am an adult. Their faith in God is inspirational, but I doubt I would have felt the same as a teenager – even a teenager who regularly went to religious retreats and enjoyed them.

Now, let’s go back to my dishes. I was diligently wiping off the crumbs and grime and rinsing them etc. I suspect I don’t need to tell you how to wash dishes that either didn’t fit in the dishwasher or weren’t dishwasher safe. As I said, I imagined having a realtor appear for two minutes before I thought about the reality of selling my home. How could I sell my beloved home?

My father bought the property before he even met my mother. We spent vacations in a tiny log cabin for years before my parents retired here. I can’t imagine wanting to sell my home. I just wouldn’t even want to think about it. Sure, I would sell it if I had to; but I don’t want to pretend to be selling it only to give me inspiration to get it cleaned.

Therefore, I chose to change my game. I am not selling my house. Instead, I am getting it ready for the big day – one month from now – when Entertainment Tonight is sending a cast member to interview me with a focus on how the lovely Manee’ Trautz lives. Oh, they are going to be fascinated by all the details of the gardens, the lovely decorations, the beautiful simplicity, and they are going to be trying to capture the movement of a fairy on their film.

I have mixed feelings about their actually filming a fairy. I don’t know if fairies like to be videotaped and I don’t know that people really need proof of their existence. Sometimes just believing is enough.

Now, the reason ET is coming to my home would also explain the reason I have not posted for a while. You see, in the game I play, the last week has been spent doing things that would normally take people years to accomplish. Sentenced to Castle County became a best seller which led to a phenomenal movie deal. Being as incredibly talented as I am, and having the best contract lawyer on my side, I was part of the choosing of the cast. I was thrilled to meet Jamie Lee Curtis and Melissa McCarthy, and I am looking forward to meeting Whoopi Goldberg who will be in the sequel. Oh, you don’t like name-dropping. Okay, I’ll leave the rest of the actors in my imagination.

Anyway, I just came back from the premier of the movie where I met Nancy O’Dell on the red carpet. When she asked me if I would be willing to be a part of a new feature about famous authors who inspire top box office movies, how could I resist?

So, for the next thirty days I will be working diligently to get my house ready for the big event. I am excited about all my success and hoping that the interview will inspire others to live their dreams and realize they can be anything, no matter where they live.

Now, of course this is all just a game. It is just a big fantastic fantasy. I am aware of that. I don’t want you to worry about my sanity or fear that I will be greatly disappointed when the big day arrives and nobody shows up to film me. I will not be a loser. I will be the winner of a clean house.

It’s all just a matter of playing a game. Funny, when I picked my Angel card today, I drew the DAYDREAM card. I think I have that covered.

What game will you play today?



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2 comments on “Just Playing a Game
  1. joey says:

    Heh. Well, I’ll be playing “You’ve dirtied enough skillets this weekend, Joey” because if I don’t clean those skillets, which are hidden all in my oven, I’ll be playing, “Woe is me, I cannot make dinner” 😛 I just hate messes.

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    • Great solution for the mess. Hey, why don’t you turn the oven onto self-clean and take care of it all at once. Then you can say, I can’t cook because the oven is locked in self-cleaning mode.


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