Wednesday Weigh-in: Week Two

Reflections: I have not spent much time preparing wonderful meals as proven by the fact that I have not posted pictures. On Thursday I was rushing around trying to get things done before two nights of games in a row. I think I had the Littles and they are a little distracting. Wonderful distractions, but distractions just the same. So Thursday we had chicken and dumplings (which are really just flat noodles) from the nearby restaurant. I don’t usually like them, but I enjoyed them immensely on Thursday. I think it was because I hadn’t been eating noodles or cream much the week before.

Then, of course, it was a holiday weekend which meant multiple gatherings centered around hot dogs and hamburgers and I did partake in the festivities. I don’t think I ate as much as I would have on such occasions before I started to think about what I eat, but I know I ate more than I needed to eat. Blame it on the fact that my friends and family are great cooks and make healthy food… I just couldn’t insult them by not trying everything 🙂

I do feel better because I have not eaten any of the desserts with the exception of the fruit cup, but that had fresh fruit, so it wasn’t so bad. Right? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Add to the parties the fact that my phone refused to charge even after replacing the battery. That meant stress and stress is bad for my health. I did have to get a replacement yesterday. I had wanted to use the insurance I paid for over the last two years, but of course the store said they don’t give loaners and send the phones out anymore. I drove half an hour to get to the store only to get a piece of paper with directions on how to get my phone repaired.

Send the paper out. Wait for a loaner phone to come. Download and delete all data from my phone. Send it out and hope that they don’t say the problem is not covered. Wait for phone to be returned and send back loaner phone. Let’s not forget that I have to pay $50 for the loaner phone and the fact that after that week at least, I would probably have to get a new phone.

The thing is, how does one download all the data when the phone won’t hold a charge?

You guessed it – I got a new phone yesterday and I did NOT get the insurance. The wonderful person who transferred all  my data was frustrated that my phone would not hold the charge and put in a backup battery that worked long enough to do the trick but lost power quickly. She definitely understood my frustration.

Oh, and the best part was that I applied for a job yesterday and I could not be without my phone.


Yes, I gained 3 pounds, but I am certain it is only temporary. I am going to continue to eat healthy food for the remainder of this week and I will continue to feel better.

One thing positive about getting a new phone was the special for the holiday. I got a free television and it is a smart tv that I can (supposedly) connect to my phone so I will be able to “hook up” YouTube to it and participate in the exercise programs recommended by fellow bloggers. I am eagerly anticipating trying some yoga in the privacy of my own bedroom. This is definitely a sign that someone is looking out for me.

Now I am going to add one more piece to this weekly update. I am adding overall results so anyone interested won’t have to bother with the math. I realize I am the only one interested, but this is my journaling so I will do what I want.

Overall Results: -3 pounds




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