Running for Dear Life

It has only been a little over a week that I have been focusing on eating healthy food and not eating when I am not hungry. Just a little over a week and, though I have lost 6 pounds, I have not been extraordinarily active in the last few years.


Yesterday afternoon the “littles” came to spend the afternoon with me. The “littles” are two and four (I will refer to them as 2 and 4 for easier writing). They are so very active that the first time they came to play, I was completely worn out after 2 hours. The second visit was a rainy day and they played at the water table for most of the time so I did not have to run after them. They also sat and watched a little television, but not much.

Now, the littles were happily playing on the playground when my humans started to return home. One by one the school bus arrived and various cars pulled into the driveway. Each new arrival needed to be investigated by 4.

Then it happened. My human came home. 4 and I were near the vehicle and 2 was happily playing on the playground. There are two things you need to know.

  1. for some reason 2 was not very eager to slide down the tube slide. 2 often jumped off the top of the rock wall into my arms.
  2. 2 absolutely LOVES my human.

There I was, seemingly miles away, when I saw the arms go up and the body lean towards me.

“NOOOOO” I screamed.

“What did I do?” asked my surprised human as I stared at 2 with panic.

It was only a split second when I thought, I can’t get to 2. Then my logical mind took over and (with a tone that indicated it thought I was an idiot) told me to “Run.”

And you know what – I did. I ran over the small cement wall I’d lifted 2 over so many times, through the mine field of soggy ground, and to the rock mountain just in time to find myself with a 2-year-old pushing out of my arms to run and greet my human.

Now, there are two things I learned….

  1. I can run. I chased those littles around all afternoon and though I couldn’t always keep up with their energy and had trouble getting into the tube slide, I was not exhausted at the ball field last night.
  2. I really need to set rules….. they need to climb the wall and slide down the slide, or learn how to climb back down the correct way.

Yeah, it’s been a while since my kids were little, but I think it might be like riding a bicycle. I might have just missed a fall, but in the end we balanced it all.

If I could run around like that after just one week, imagine how amazing I will be in September!



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2 comments on “Running for Dear Life
  1. So much of watching someone else’s littles and surviving is remembering how you watched your own. It gets easier and easier. I think the key for me will be letting go of how I “think” the day should go, and just letting it all happen. Such a joy, littles.

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