If All Your Friends Are Doing It

All my friends are doing it. Well, the truth is not all are doing it, but many are.

There are so many people doing it that I feel pressured to do it as well. I mean, they all seem to be enjoying themselves and they’re posting comments and pictures about how much they are enjoying it.

That must mean I should do it, right?

No. I’m not talking about jumping off any tall buildings or bridges. I’m talking about being healthier.

According to my human, several people in his work environment have recently had lap band surgery and they look great. Apparently they feel great as well. I don’t want the lap band surgery, but I want to look great and feel great. Who doesn’t?

On Monday night I watched an episode of My 600+ life featuring where are they now. Because my human had been talking about the surgery, I decided to watch. I was surprised by a comment the doctor said to a patient who said meat made her nauseous and she was just eating vegetables. He told her that was the wrong thing to do, instead she needed to eat only protein. I spent a lot of time thinking about this surprising statement. I came to the understanding that she needed protein to help her body build muscle and help her actually stand up. Because her stomach is now small (gastric bypass), she couldn’t afford to fill it with anything but protein.

So, when I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday,  I told him I really do want to lose weight – like maybe 80 pounds. I told him I want to do it the right way and I was thinking of eating lean protein, veggies and fruits and cutting out all grains, but I wasn’t sure about dairy. You see, the doctor on the show told the patient not to drink milk, but she was okay to eat yogurt.

My doctor told me to eat dairy three times a week and to do what I had planned. He also took time to look at me and tell me there was no way I needed any surgery. That put him up a notch on my like meter!

Now I realize I have not been doing my blogging regularly and I thought this might motivate me in two ways. 1. Get healthy 2. blog. Sounds good right?

Last night I had a broiled talapia with fresh cilantro and bay leaves from my (not yet in the ground) herb garden. I put it over a bed of fresh spinach. The entire dish was less than 200 calories and tasted really good. In fact, it was so good that when my human tasted a piece stuck to the pan he commented on how he hates talapia, but this tasted like crab. That’s a pretty good endorsement.

Today, I wanted an egg so I boiled it, but when I thought of a salad, I wasn’t so interested. Instead, I took some fresh brussel sprouts and kale and sauteed it with scallions and cilantro.

I sliced the boiled egg on top. The entire dish was less than 300 calories and really good. I highly recommend it to anyone.




Of course I am still slightly hungry and I would love to have some cheese and crackers to go with it, but I am not going to do that. I will simply drink water and remind myself that I did get the proper nutrition my body needs.

I have cube steak out for dinner and as long as I just cook it with spices and not salt, it should taste really good on that salad I chose not to eat for lunch. We’ll see.

Well, that’s enough for today. I am categorizing this as my Mock Lap Band Surgery because I am going to eat as though I have had the surgery, but I am not going to get the surgery.

Let me know what you think. 🙂



I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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9 comments on “If All Your Friends Are Doing It
  1. joey says:

    After buying new pants, MY human has decided to start watching his calories, which I feel I am at liberty to share here, because he will likely never see it. Instead of cream in his coffee, he’s drinking it black. I said to him Sunday, when I saw his cold, almost full cup of black coffee, “Not finishing a cup of coffee also helps cut calories.”
    For weeks now, instead of sweet tea, he’s asked me to make him a glass of ice water, which he also lets sit to melt until I pour it into the pet bowl. To this I say, “The water won’t help you if you don’t drink it.”

    Yes, get healthy. I don’t eat meat very often, and never have been much of a carnivore. But if you don’t eat meat, ya gotta eat beans and mushrooms and quinoa and fish and a much more diverse selection of veggies, to get all the proteins. You don’t need meat. No one needs meat. There are lots of vegetarian and even vegan athletes.

    Personally, I’m in a stage in life where I don’t enjoy big meals very much. I want a little something fairly regularly. Large meals make me feel sluggish and sleepy.
    I’m testing a bit on my family right now…Here’s a Swiss mushroom burger on a slice of sourdough…if you’re hungry after, have some fruit. Here’s a pile of crudite…if you’re hungry after, eat some leftover soup. It’s going pretty well.

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Good luck with your diet. I thought about lapband too but I’m more scared of dying in surgery than anything. I figure I’ll get there on my own in time and if I don’t, at least I didn’t die 20 years sooner from surgery.

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    • Exactly. My doctor actually said there are often problems with the surgery for many people. I think I will do well because it is not really a diet, more a choice to eat healthy food. My problem has been the fact that my family doesn’t eat my food, choosing to buy subs and pizza etc., and the deep fryer is used regularly. I will probably post about that tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

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  3. The lifestyle change is the important part. You go girl.

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