*This is part of the A to Z challenge for April.

Today is the primary for Maryland so it is logical that my V word would be vote. Now the challenge is to make it something that would question What do you believe.

The primary is not usually an important day for Marylander’s as the candidates are usually decided long before we get to vote. I have always voted, but most of the time the candidates I wanted were already out of the running. I remember vividly the time my human told me I would have to pick someone else to vote for other than the man I wanted. I was surprised to see the original choice on the ballot. This time I understood why there were so many names and yet any vote for a non-front-runner would be a waste.

I live in a rural area. When I vote I am usually disappointed by the results in the end. It always seems that, even though my county overwhelmingly chooses one candidate, the bigger counties closer to Baltimore and D.C. seem to sway the vote in the other direction. It seems as though our county doesn’t matter.

So, here is the question. Do you think your vote counts?

I voted today. I am proudly wearing my sticker. I just don’t know if it made any difference.


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4 comments on “Vote
  1. joey says:

    I want to believe my vote counts, but I’m not too sure. I live in a red state, and I vote blue. Seldom do we get blue. Sometimes I feel like the lil blue dot in the center. lol

    Voting is important!!!

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    My state is way red, so I know my vote in the presidential election wouldn’t count unless I vote R. And even if it were in a more balanced state, our choices are pretty much who the establishment wants. It’s like telling your kid they can eat oatmeal or grits for breakfast. You’ve already decided for them, but the illusion of choice makes them happy.

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