R is for…

*This is part of the A to Z challenge for April.

You might think that, because my theme is what do you believe, I would use the word religion for my R post. I also thought I would, but then I realized I do not have much to say about religion. I have my views, of course, but the purpose of my blog is not to preach or judge and I could not really write about religion without doing either. I also did not want to get too personal.

So, instead, I decided to write a list of words that begin with R and ask that you think about what they mean to you.

R is for

religion          reason         rights                 responsibility          redo          reflect

relief               raise            regard                reflection                relax         respond

rage                risk               rational             remarkable              rate          rejuvenate

rapture         response      regret                respect                      rare          righteous

refresh          real               reality               reason                       ready       reach

Last, but not least…. READ

I think the most important thing for any of us to do, in order to form our own opinions and be able to justify what we believe, is to read.

I don’t mean just reading text books or religious tomes. I mean read fiction and non-fiction.

Read on your own level. I have tried to read self-help books and books on astronomy, but they were too difficult for me to understand. I prefer easier books, written in plain English. I know some of my readers have more engineering, or scientific minds so reading Septimus Heap would not be enjoyable. Whatever you prefer, just read.

Reach for new genres. You might learn something about your likes and dislikes when you try new things.

One of the first books I read (as an adult looking for entertainment) was the Septimus Heap series. I was struck by the fact that one of the characters, a leader who had died, came back as a ghost but was unable to go anywhere he hadn’t been while alive. It was stressed that he could not go in the girls bathroom.

Why was I so affected by this? Because I read it when my younger humans were under the age of 5. I had always believed that if I were to die, I would be able to follow my children wherever they went. What if the book had it right and my children moved somewhere outside of our own country?

I had always thought I would see places like the Middle East or the Great Wall of China after I died because it was unlikely I would while living. What if I couldn’t do that?

This fear food for thought, inspired me. It is the basis on which the idea for my book came about. I have also come to realize it was fiction and not necessarily real. It is a good example of why reading helps you develop a sense of what you believe.

Now, I would like you to read through the list of R words again. Many of them can have different meanings to you. You might read reflection as a process of looking back over your life or as what you see in the mirror. As you look back at the list, see if any of them mean something different to you.




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