*This is part of the A to Z challenge for April.

I was originally going to write about the idea of being psychic for the letter P, but I changed my mind. OR, maybe I had some psychic premonition that the power was more important. Either way, I changed my topic.


What do you consider your power? Is it strength, force, determination, or electricity running through wires?

Do we use power to build community and to lift people to great heights, or do we use it to squash dreams and lives?

Do words have power to inspire or injure?

Do we have power to choose our words or do words we hear, or think, have power to control us and leave us feeling powerless?

Will you take back your power from those who once used their words to take your power? Take back your power from those who told you there was something wrong with you. Take back your power from those who told you you weren’t good enough just being you.


Do you have the strength, force, and determination to keep control of your thoughts, words, and deed in order to be powerful?

What words have you heard that made you feel you have no power, and what have you done to squash those words?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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One comment on “Power
  1. joey says:

    Powerlessness is an insufferable feeling. I feel powerless when people don’t understand me, so I think words must be my power, and they fail too often for my liking.

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