Who is Important?


PerryvilleWho do you think most

Inspires you

Believes in you

Honors you

Respects you

Pushes you

Cherishes you

Loves you

Compliments you

Encourages you

Accepts you

Lifts you up to higher standards

Fights for you

Understands you

Is the most important person to you?


If the answer to any of these was not, “I am”

Why not?

We are so often taught to put others before ourselves. That is not the right way of thinking. We cannot help others if we do not believe in, honor, respect, push, cherish, love, compliment, encourage, accept, lift up, fight for, or understand ourselves.

I am the most important person in my life. It does not make me selfish.


I am a dreamer who loves to explore the world through words. I hope to inspire others to live in peace and be their best selves. I also have an affinity for flamingos, gnomes, and all things magical. They live happily in my gardens.

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2 comments on “Who is Important?
  1. joannesisco says:

    Excellent reminder.

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