Ghostly Gnomes

I love gnomes almost as much as I love flamingos, so I could not let the letter G go by without a mention of them.

Don’t these three look ready for an adventure?


Ghost Hunting Gnomes

I think they’re always on the lookout for ghosts. Notice the one wearing shades; he needs them to filter out the sun’s rays. Apparently it is easier to see ghosts at night, but he wants to find them during the day as well.

A long time ago, I mentioned seeing spirits at my house when talking to a friend. She said, “Oh, no, there would not be ghosts in your house because nobody ever died there.”

I think that was a logical response. Nobody had died in the structure that was my home. I just don’t have any proof that, in the many centuries that our Earth had been spinning, nobody has ever died on the land where my house is. Ponder that!

Still, I knew I had seen something in my home and I wondered about it. So, here are my thoughts….

  1. There is a house down the street. It is very fancy (on the market for $4.5 million which is at least ten times the market value of any other house in the neighborhood). A few years ago I went to an open house there. It had some rooms that were extremely eerie, not because of the decorations, just a really depressed feeling to the air. I learned that at least two people had killed themselves in that house. – Who’s to say those ghosts can’t travel down the road a bit?
  2. There have been loved ones who once enjoyed the peace and quiet of my land and have vacationed here. They have since crossed over to the great unknown. Who’s to say they don’t still enjoy a quiet get-away at a favorite vacation spot?
  3. I have ancestors I know watch over me as I travel this life- grandparents who died before I was born. Who’s to say they don’t come visit me in this home?
  4. I have heard that spirits attach themselves to objects. Who’s to say I did not actually acquire someone’s beloved personal belongings?

In conclusion, I believe it is quite possible for my property to be inhabited by those ghostly beings. That is why I have my trio of ghost hunting gnomes. I don’t know what they will do should they ever encounter one, but it’s nice to know they are there.

What do you think? Do ghosts only stay where they died, or do ghosts even really exist?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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7 comments on “Ghostly Gnomes
  1. joey says:

    I’m not invested in ghost commentary on the internet, because people think I’m weird enough as is. I am a believer, I reckon I had no choice. Absolutely, without a doubt, I’m certain ghosts can be in newly constructed, never been lived in before homes.
    Also, garden gnomes creep me out. I have no idea why. They should be perceived as benign, but I’ve always disliked them.

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  2. Angie says:

    I believe in ghosts. I had an experience I’ll never forget as a child. And I do believe ghosts can follow you home, that they can wander, and that they’re just living in different realm from us. But I also believe some are attached to objects or places as well.
    Because of my experience I’m obsessed with ghosts. I’d love to experience something again.

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  3. Mc T says:

    Interesting post, I don’t necessarily believe in ghost but I know evil does exist because there is God. As long as you aren’t sure they were ghosts then you should be free to enjoy your home. Live as if there was no tomorrow by doing what is right:). don’t be scared of ghost

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