Everything is Energy

I have difficulty understanding the concept that we are all just energy and not really a massive lump of bone, organs, blood, tissue, skin, etc. In my constant effort to understand what my purpose on this Earth is, I’ve read and listened to many different ideas on reality. I have tried to understand the idea that we are all just energy. It makes sense, yet I can’t quite wrap my brain around it.

That’s a strange expression, isn’t it? To wrap one’s brain around something seems completely illogical and impossible, especially when you consider the fact that the brain is a solid mass organ safely encased within a skull. It would be unwise to take it out of it’s protective shell, expose it to the dangerous elements, and wrap it around anything. The expression simply means, I can’t understand it

If I don’t really have fingers, how could I be typing? If I don’t really have a nose, how can I smell flowers? If I don’t really have a mouth, how is it that I eat too much and weigh too much? Do I not really have a body that seems unwilling to squeeze into the clothes I wore before it (the non-existent body) produced children?

I do understand the concept that everything has energy. I can feel the energy of people, I know when someone is angry, sad, happy, at peace, etc. because I can feel that energy flowing freely from them. I just have trouble understanding that they do not really exist other than as energy.

There is the thought that we are all just energy, everything else is an illusion. We are all one and when we die, we join back together as a huge mass of energy. There is really no individuality.

That is the concept I have read about that I just am having difficulty completely accepting.

Maybe it’s because I, like everybody else in this world, am a complete narcissist. I need to serve a purpose. I need to be myself. I need to be an individual and not just a small bit of energy that is indistinguishable from the rest of the energy mass.

What I do understand is the idea that we are energy in the way we interact. When I am around happy, enthusiastic people, I feel energized. When I am around people who are angry or frustrated, I tend to feel drained. It is difficult to maintain my own emotions when those around me are pushing out such strong emotions.

We can learn to control our energies, or at least we should.

Yesterday, I was trying to use a new program I received as a gift. I couldn’t get it to work and had to exchange it at the store. Then, I ran into so much trouble with it that I might have rambled about how computers change so much that it is annoying.

I told the youngest human about how we used to have floppy discs when computers first came into homes. We had to remember dos codes and we could never remember them. After computers had been around awhile, all we had to do was put the disc into the drive and it would download. Now we buy a disc, but we have to go back and forth between discs and websites and who knows what else, and it still doesn’t work because you need codes. All the damn codes! A registration code to get a serial number and you type it in exactly, but it says it is invalid and you should report piracy when you downloaded from their site.

Yes, the energy was freely flowing from me (whatever I am, mass or energy). You can probably sense the energy just reading my words.

But, the youngest human has been taught by me. The youngest human understands completely that it is not necessary to feed off my energy. The youngest human calmly sent me into another room where I could read Game, a book about serial killers :), while better energy took over the computer chaos.

My program now works. The energy in our house is much more peaceful. I am much happier.

I understand that we feed off each other’s energies. I understand that we can control whether or not we take on the negative energies of others. I even understand that trees give off energy and we can literally hug them and be rejuvenated. I just don’t understand how we are not really mass and form.

What do you believe about energy?

*This is part of the A to Z challenge for April.


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17 comments on “Everything is Energy
  1. joey says:

    Too much to type yet again 🙂 In summation, I believe it is this earthly plane that gives material to our energies.

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  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    Mass is energy. Just another form. Does that mean when we die we all join into one form of energy? Not necessarily. We could become the energy of the mass of our ashes, or corpse. The energy would then decompose into the mass that becomes the meals for bugs, and then could be incorporated into their energy as they absorb it from eating into their blood stream. Some might then become their waste. Then they will die. And on, and on.
    And that’s not even getting into the questions of consciousness and potentially infinite parallel universes with similar rules, or wildly differently rules. and on, and on.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Ah the meeting of metaphysics and physics – never a clean intersection. Since I already wrote about accidents at intersections, I’ll skip the opportunity to weigh (as if I had mass) in on this. Actually, my scale tells me that I have about 190 lbs of mass. Then again, mankind invented scales and systems of measure, so maybe it’s all an illusion.

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  4. Angie says:

    I see our bodies as mass, a vessel with energy inside. I think either way, dead or alive, our energies go elsewhere, perhaps a different dimension….
    And energy may not always be seen, but it can be felt.

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  5. […] Manee Trautz: Everything is Energy […]

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  6. SD Gates says:

    Wow Manee, that is really deep. Makes my brain hurt. I believe in energies and auras and all that stuff. I think people put off different types of energies, that’s why some people have “green thumbs” and others don’t, I think the plants feed off of that energy. Great post and really fascinating stuff!!!

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