Lovely Laundry Load

It’s laundry day. How do I know it’s laundry day? I have lots of laundry dirty and not much clean. Obviously that means it’s laundry day.

I love laundry day. No, really I do. Why?

In my house, we tend to do our own laundry. Sometimes we each throw an extra towel, or someone else’s one shirt that simply MUST be washed at that exact moment. Occasionally, I will go into the various bathrooms and scoop up the floor covering (yes, laundry that covers the floor) because I like to have a full load and only have a few things to wash.

Now, my human will occasionally wash my laundry, and he laughs as he checks my pockets. He ALWAYS checks the pockets. You see, I am a hoarder of tissues. I always have tissues in my pockets and you never know which one. It’s kind of funny to think of all the times people have asked me if I have a tissue, and I always say, “Why, yes, I do, but I doubt you want to use it.”

Tissues really make a mess if they end up in the washer. Always check the pockets.

Other things that are hazardous to the wash are nails and screws. They put holes in things, but you won’t find those in my pockets. That’s someone else’s habit. I won’t name names.

I also have a tendency to pocket other things – things I value much more than used tissues.

My human and I went on vacation for a weekend. I brought $300 in cash for our meals and souvenirs. I did not want to use plastic because then I overspend without knowing it. We were careful to bring only a little money with us each time we left the hotel room. The rest remained in the safe. We did fairly well, at least we thought we did. Then we stopped for lunch on our way home and barely had enough to pay for it.

I was surprised, and a little disappointed, that I didn’t have any money to keep in my purse and make me feel wealthy.

My human said, “I bet you have money stashed in your pockets.”

I think I did find a few dollars in my coat pocket. It was enough to pay the tip, but not enough to make me feel rich.

Then we went home and took out our clothes to wash them. My human counted as he piled up the bills found in my pockets. The total was over $80. Hooray, I felt rich again.

My human told me a funny story. Over the years he would ask for money for lunch – always at the break of day when I was not fully awake. I would say, “I don’t have any cash.” He told me he would nod and just go to the ‘Bank of M’. He would check my pockets and always have enough for lunch.

I had to laugh. Yes, I think I noticed the money missing but I always assumed it was taken by little hands, not the big ones.

Today is laundry day. I found a twenty and some ones. I feel rich.

What do you find in your pockets?



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7 comments on “Lovely Laundry Load
  1. Angie says:

    I do laundry often. It’s become part of my daily chores. I never store anything in my pockets, so I never find anything there. And I rarely find anything in my husband’s, but tissue once. Yes, it’s messy!

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  2. joey says:

    Well I can’t tell you the last time I found a 20 in the wash! How exciting! I set an early precedence for not checking pockets, not turning clothes right-side-out, and not pulling undergarments or tights or socks or whatever from other clothes, so I never find anything in pockets. I do collect the occasional wrapper or money or hairband from the bottom of the washer. I once found an iPod. Sad day for Bubba. All three girls have left lip stuff in their pants and ruined a load of jeans, and all three girls have sat with soap, water, and a scrub brush until they were un-ruined.
    You’d be pickin Kleenex off clothes for days in this house, Missy! 😛 lol

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  3. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I seldom find much in my pockets … but in the dryer, lots of $1 bills, faded receipts, and ponytail holders.

    One time in Japan, I had no more money and only a bit of rice to last me the last week or so of the month. I tossed a load in the laundry and found, in a skirt, a 10,000-yen bill. (That was about $100.) How it got there when I was pinching pennies so tightly is beyond me, but oh! I was glad I’d somehow missed it and then found it in a load of laundry done only because there was nothing else I could then afford to do. 😉

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  4. Anxious Mom says:

    I usually find Kleenex. I think I’d prefer the twenties 😀

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