Alright, Angels, Alright

I have this interesting job of sorts where I can take a job on an on-call basis. I have not really taken many jobs this past year, though I had scheduled a few. I also volunteer in my community. Those hours are regularly scheduled throughout the month.

I have been thinking about not doing either anymore, but I have not resigned and I still scheduled jobs.

Throughout the fall and winter I have had to cancel almost every scheduled job and I have had to miss the volunteering on too many occassions to count.

The reason I had to cancel? Well, it varied.

*Sick family member who needed to see a doctor and then have subsequent surgery. More than once!

*Vehicle would not start or needed to be repaired.

*Our heat failed and I needed to be home for the repairman.

*I can’t think of anything else, but I know there was something!

So, when my human and I came home from our Valentine’s Day weekend in Ocean City, I had a volunteer commitment for the next day and a job the day after. Guess what happened?

Well, the vehicle did not start and the heat did not come on. Yep, both at the same time. Arg! So I told my human that I feel like the angels are telling me to stop doing these two things. Every time I schedule something we have a problem and I have to cancel.

You know what he said to me? “Then listen to the angels and stop scheduling things because I’m sick of having things brake.”

Alright, angels, I quit!

Incidentally, I had nothing scheduled last week when the brakes failed. I wonder what the angels were thinking.



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2 comments on “Alright, Angels, Alright
  1. I have been feeling strongly that I am called to do something else in my life and this job that has paid for so much and of which I used to be so proud is seeming more toxic every week. I am looking for signs, but would prefer they weren’t like yours! I don’t want anything breaking here!!

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