It’s Not So Bad

I have a relatively new computer, it’s only a year old. I think that is still considered relatively new. Still, in the tech world it might be considered ancient. I have the ability to touch the screen and move things which really comes in  handy at times. It does surprise my human when he points to the screen (standing over my shoulder) and says something like, “click on that” and he changes my screen without knowing it. Ah, fun times!

I use my computer for a myriad of things. I write, read, do my taxes, pay my bills, draw, and organize pictures on my computer to name a few. I really don’t know what my life would be like without it.

The uses for a computer are as numerous as the branches in this picture.


The viewpoints of the people using computers are as varied as every element of the picture above.

Now, I consider myself to be somewhat computer savvy, I am by no means an expert, but I know how to find my way around my own computer. Some programs are still a challenge for me, but I can find them at least. I have always used Windows (at least since it was first introduced to me – much better than the old way *dos?* and I like it just fine. At least I liked it.

Then, as many other people are aware, Windows 10 came out and I was afraid to make the switch. My Windows 8.1 was good enough for me. I don’t do well with change. I noticed most other people felt the same way as I did. I kept hearing, and reading, that I should not switch.

I asked my family and every eye went wide with horror. “DON’T DO IT UNTIL YOUR BOOK IS PUBLISHED!”

You see, my book has been lost a few times as computers have met with tragic death. In fact I only got my new computer because I accidentally spilled something on the screen and was afraid it would die. I had to get the replacement when I could still transfer everything. So you should understand my family’s apprehension.

Look at this next picture. Can you see the angry face in the tree? It makes me think of all the nay-sayers out there in the computer world.


angry tree

I suspect it reflects the way I must have looked a few days ago when  my computer decided it was no longer giving me a choice and would be making the change to my computer whether I liked it or not.

I got a little upset. I felt a little overwhelmed. I researched more drastic ways to get it to stop telling me what was good for me. I am a grown up and if I don’t want to eat my Windows 10 when I don’t have to. Reminds me of the man who declared that when he became President, he no longer had to eat broccoli.

But then something happened. The youngest human took my words (the ones that easily flow from my mouth so often) and threw them in my face as if we were having a food fight and words were pie.

“Why are you so afraid, why are you resisting it?”

I was shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU. How dare my child make me to think about things. “Everyone says not to do it. WHAT IF I LOSE SCRIVENER? WHAT IF I LOSE MANGA?”

My human was telling me to just hit the kill switch on my computer. I just stared at him, what? Why would I kill my computer? The next time I get on it the thing will stop and say it’s rebooting anyway.

Calmly, hidden in the corner of the room, the youngest human played with a phone. Ever so calmly, the youngest human said, “It says Scrivener works just fine. I can’t find Manga, but the general consensus is that the apps didn’t always work with Windows 10, but it’s been out a while so everything has been updated.”

That was it. No more comment was made from the peanut gallery.

I nodded my head and informed my computer that it could unleash the beast.

When I turned my computer back on, Windows informed me that it had deleted two apps because they were not compatible. Guess what – I had no idea what those apps were so I will not miss them.

Truthfully, the WordPress app is not as familiar to me as going through Google Chrome so I am not using it now. I might figure it out, but I really want to be comfortable, and blogging, so I will wait.

The way my computer starts is different but it still has the desk top so I can’t be upset.

In fact, I really like the way it switches from desk top to tablet format. I also like the way it lists all my apps.

So in the end it wasn’t so bad. I am glad I waited until my book was published. It gave all the programs time to become compatible.

The only thing I didn’t like was having my words thrown back at me. Oh, wait, no – that was pretty cool. It means I have been influential in a not so bad way.

Now I can sit back and relax!



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2 comments on “It’s Not So Bad
  1. joey says:

    I’m on day two of new laptop with Windows 10 and I am getting along alright. Change is hard. Glad you haven’t lost anything you’d notice 🙂

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