A Different Reason to Hibernate

The beast does not hibernate. In fact, he thinks frigid days filled with sudden gusts of wind throwing snow all around us are the greatest days of all. He wants to frolic and if he could only convince me to lay my body down in the snow, he would greatly enjoy rolling around with me. Really, I wonder what kind of snow art we would be making. It definitely would not be angels!

The truth is I do not ever cater to his desires. My poor forlorn beast spends those horrible days looking longingly up at me  and I can read his mind. “Oh, beautiful human who feeds me, and pets me, and plays with me, why oh why will you not take off those bundles of outerwear? I am sure all that extra padding is weighing you down. Take it off and run free with me. Please, let’s play.”

I know this is what he is saying. I don’t give in for obvious reasons. I think any neighbor would be calling the police if they saw me running around my yard undressed in the winter and rolling around with my beast. That really would be insane.

But, the funny thing is we just had that strange and unwanted occurrence this past weekend when the powers that be decided we just don’t deserve to be able to keep our internal clocks at peace. Instead we have to change our clocks ahead an hour just because the powers that be like to mess with us.


You see, this morning when the clock said 6:00 and the beast and I went outside it was still really, REALLY, dark even though we have had light every time we walked last week. There was also that liquid stuff falling from the sky. It was not the frozen form my beast likes so much. No, it was the drizzling, not quite rain, just water in the sky all around us.

Funny thing is my beast, my fierce protector of all that is important to me, my best friend and companion, does not – NOT – like water in the sky unless, of course, it is frozen. We did not get very far at 6:00. He walked far enough to tinkle in the grass and then we turned around and went inside. The entire time his head was between my legs. Apparently I make an adequate umbrella.

At 7:00 we had light so he agreed to hold his head high and walk on his own. We got half way down the driveway and he used the woods as his toilet. He does not usually do that. As soon as he was done he pulled me back towards home.

I have drawn one conclusion from this morning’s adventure.

My beast does not hibernate in the winter. He hibernates in the rain.

What makes you hibernate?


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3 comments on “A Different Reason to Hibernate
  1. joey says:

    Hah! I hate the time change. I always hate it. I feel bleh for days. Like you and your beast, I miss the light we’d had in the mornings.
    When the light starts fading in December, when it’s dark by 6, I tend to hibernate. If it’s bitter cold, I also tend to carb up!

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  2. I too hibernate in the rain. Or I would if my job allowed such a thing. I want to curl up in a blanket with a warm cup of tea and a good book and wait for the sun to come back out.

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