After an hour the first repair guy said he replaced a “thingy-ma-bob” – like you’d expect me to remember the proper word, but something like a cap or gear or whatever. …
BUT he could not run the heat because it was dirty and he did not have the vacuum to clean it.
Hopefully someone would be able to come today. HOPEFULLY! ?!
Someone did come. He cleaned the system that was cleaned in the beginning of December. Then when the wrong part was put on it got messed up somehow.
Neither of the men gave me an invoice. I assume that means there will be no bill!?!
At least I am FINALLY warm. In fact, I had to turn the heat down.
Thank you all for your “warm” thoughts.
I am really excited about 2016. I know it will be a good year. Now I am warm enough to enjoy it.


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6 comments on “THE HEAT IS ON
  1. joey says:

    Oh I am so glad!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Now your flamingos won’t freeze!


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