The Sale’s Been Extended

I just got an email informing me that the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales have been extended. It reminded me of a year I went crazy on Black Friday trying to get all the great bargains.

I did get some really good deals that year, but I also got a lot of stuff that would never be used.

I remember going back to the major toy store a few weeks later and seeing all the gifts I was so proud to get on sale were still the same price I had paid on Black Friday.

That was the last time I left my home for crazy shopping day.

I have purchased things on Cyber Monday – not this year. This year I am still trying to decide what to buy. I will get good gifts for those I want to gift, and if I don’t, well so be it.

This year the powers that be have added to the special days. Today has been declared Giving Tuesday. I think I can get behind this idea. I like the idea of giving to a charity while going crazy about giving to others. I just hope people don’t go overboard and give money they don’t really have.

If you are interested in giving to a charity for Giving Tuesday, and you don’t already have a charity that touches your heart, please consider the Alzheimer’s Association. I am linking the donation page I just got an email for here.

What did we ever do before emails were constantly giving us opportunities to spend our money?

Remember, the sales are always extended, and charities will always take your money. Don’t go crazy this holiday season. Your security is the best gift you can give anyone.


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5 comments on “The Sale’s Been Extended
  1. joey says:

    A dollar pays for three meals at our local foodbank. That’s our charity.
    I never did the Black Friday thing, unless you count working them. Ugh. I do enjoy cyber Monday and I particularly enjoyed that what I ordered from Amazon yesterday earned me $5.99 in credit to the pantry, twice, since I chose slowest delivery. 😀 Quite nice. I will enjoy getting free Israeli couscous and Ghiradelli cocoa next month!

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    • I want you to make something with the couscous and chocolate together. That is a challenge! I am always amazed that a dollar can feed so many. I love that your shopping helped such a great cause. Being hungry is not acceptable. 🙂


      • joey says:

        No way couscous and cocoa — BUT! I did make a quinoa chocolate cake once, and it was delicious! Way more costly than a flour cake, but really, really delicious!

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      • I have been thinking about it and it isn’t really that odd. Think of rice pudding. Put the kids up to the challenge, have a cookoff. I’d say don’t waste the quality chocolate, but it’s free. Also, I had quinoa and sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving that was delicious but I have never made it taste good.


      • joey says:

        No no no, Isreali couscous is more like nutty pearl pasta. That’d be a mushy mess! O_O
        I’m allergic to sweet potaotes, but yeah, that sounds good. We eat quinoa a lot.

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