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A Visitor

My nephew came to visit for a few weeks during the summer. He spent his days in the way most children do. He went exploring the woods, and he went swimming. He was a wonderful visitor and we enjoyed his

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Catastrophic Catastrophe

This is part of Linda Hill’s Stream of consciousness challenge, the prompt is cat. Please follow the link to join in on the fun! Catastrophic catastrophe, or just plain life changes? We don’t always know what is around the bend

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Something in the Woods

Here is a chapter from my book, Sentenced to Castle County, now available on-line. The instant Ella awoke she knew she wasn’t in her bed. That didn’t worry her; she was used to waking up somewhere other than her bed.

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Umbrella, Top Hat, Man on a Bicycle

Umbrella, Top Hat, Man on a Bicycle. Was that right? It might have been top hat, man on a bicycle, umbrella. I can’t remember the exact order. Heck, I’m glad I can remember the three things. I wasn’t there the

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What is this Illness?

By the time we moved into the house, I had a newborn. I quit my job almost as soon as I went back from maternity leave. It was too much for my parents to take care of my children and

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Sentenced to Castle County

Today is a big day for me. My book is finally available for you to read. It is available through Amazon in electronic format only. I hope to have a print on demand copy available in the future. Here is

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