The Minute Hand Beats the Rhythm to all Things Happen for a Reason

So, I know they say all things happen for a reason. I just don’t always know what the reason is.
It all started with the alarm going making its daily noise. Typical way to start the day, I know.
The regular routine is just fine, but when I pick up my phone from the nightstand, I check to see if it needs charging. As I am plugging it in, because -of course- it needs charging, I notice the W with the circle around it.
Now that symbol always fills me with great joy. Oh, Joy of all Joys, someone has commented on my blog. What a happy day! Yes, that is what my mind says even before the coffee has entered my mouth. My mind loves to communicate, isn’t that nice?
So, someone I have not seen before (Ka-?) has commented on my blog – I suspect it might have been on my About page, but I did not see any sign of location. What I read was, (something along the line of) “I stumbled upon your blog when looking for inspiration,” – that’s all I saw, but I thought, “Oh, cool!”
I intended to push the approve button, thinking I would read the rest of the comment after approving it. Then I looked at the clock and said, “OH CRAP!” because, of course, that minute hand had moved many paces while I was distracted.
Sometimes I think the minute hand on the clock is the only thing really motivated to move in my house during the early hours of the day.
I shut my phone, thinking I would just investigate this wonderful comment from my computer after that minute hand had a little more of a workout.
I quickly went to the far reaches of my house in order to make sure the younger humans actually became inspired by that over-active minute hand and got themselves out of bed. (Yeah, it worked for one, the other – well that is a different story, but it is also beside the point!).

Then I went to my old friend, the computer. I opened it and got on my site. I looked into notifications. The most recent announcement was that Anxious Mom liked yesterday’s post – YESTERDAY! Now, while I am thrilled that Anxious Mom (and Joey, Dan, Mardi, bgaulton)  liked my post, and I often find myself liking their posts, that was not making my heart jump out of my chest. Instead, it made it feel like a heavy burden.
Where did my new comment from Ka— go? ARG!
The younger human, the one trying to compete with the minute hand of the clock, came into the room and noticed my strife. I pulled my phone off the charger and investigated. Sure enough, when I pulled down the notification screen of my phone there was the notice of the comment. I proceeded to try to open it. It decided it did not want to compete with the minute hand and it gave up its existence. It disappeared.
All I can think is I must have hit delete instead of approve, or when I shut the phone before it had completed its job, it gave up.
Now, because I always try to be inspiring even in my stress, I turned to the younger human and said, “Well, all things happen for a reason.” I had that big cheesy smile on my face, you know the one that says, “I’m trying to convince myself as much as you.” The younger human did not buy my enthusiasm. I guess, after years of living with me, the younger human is immune to my pretense.
No, it was not a big deal. I decided it was time to write a post about the frustration in hopes that Ka— might see that I was not intending to ignore her comment.
I thought about the idea of all things happening for a reason. Maybe the post had actually said, “I was looking for inspiration, but wow, this took it away.” Certainly, that would be a reason for me to lose that message. Nevertheless, I did not believe that to be true. I knew there had to be another reason.
Finally, the younger humans walked out the door with a few ticks and tocks left on the clock before they actually had to be out the door. So what if the breakfast I so lovingly prepared was left on the counter. You know – the breakfast that had raisins in it and cannot be fed to the beast! Oh, what a day!
Now, I was typing my post on WordPress, and I don’t recognize the screen. I am thinking, this is a strange screen. It says it saved my post five minutes ago, but I don’t see a save button to make sure I don’t lose it. Interesting!
So, of course, I copy it and start typing again. Then I try to preview it. Guess what happened. It disappeared just like the comment from Ka—. Oh, golly gee willickers.
The minute hand kept beating. I told it to stop, but it ignored me.
I opened my Word program and pasted what I had copied. It was not all I had written, but it was a start. I continued to write but then, for better or worse, looked at the clock. Oh No, I had to get ready for work.
Of course the “job” that I had today, the one that usually takes 3 hours, took 5. There I was, stuck far away from my beloved computer with my cell phone dutifully turned to silent, while the minute hand ran 300 steps.
I must tell you, I don’t like raisins. I just don’t eat them. Maybe, if I did like raisins, I would have eaten the breakfast left on the counter. I don’t, and I didn’t. So, after five hours – or 300 paces for the minute hand, I was STARVING!
Well, not really starving. Let’s just say, I was really hungry.
So, when I got home, I sat down to eat. Yep, I had left over lunch from yesterday so I was not kept from my food. Now, I looked at my phone and saw a comment from Solveig. I clicked on it and wouldn’t you know, it pulled up my e-mail and not WordPress.
HMMM. That made me think. I looked down the list of e-mails and found the treasure of the day. The comment from Ka—.
I pulled it up and tried to approve it. The message I received told me it was currently in my spam folder. I did not even know I had a spam folder or how to access it, but I was able to tell the phone that I wanted it to be taken out of my spam folder.
I was successful. I now know Kally liked my blog because she wrote “I stumbled upon your blog, looking for some inspiration reads and I like what I found!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.”

What a nice comment!

Then, of course, I dutifully read Solvieg’s comment which told me my previous comment to her had somehow ended up in her spam folder.
Oh, you silly spam folders, stop being so greedy.
I did all this while eating. Now I am finishing this post. I have accomplished things today. I may not know the reasons for these trials, but I have risen above them. I am victorious!
Take that minute hand!


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3 comments on “The Minute Hand Beats the Rhythm to all Things Happen for a Reason
  1. Solveig says:

    Ah I understand your joy!
    For the spam folder you have to go to dashboard to access it. And you might want to change your spam settings (to not quietly discard really bad spam, ok it gets bad, but I am always scared of loosing good comments…)

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