Assisted Living Is Still Living

It was a nice home, painted yellow with white trim and surrounded by green grass and shrubbery. The turnaround in front was reminiscent of formal driveways of the rich and famous. Inside was a receiving hall with cozy seating arrangements on the left and right where the residents could visit with guests.
There was a small office for the director in the corner and a dining room and kitchen visible from the receiving area. Down the hallways on either side of this area were the bedrooms. There was also a library, and a place for board games. It was a place where people could receive assistance, yet still feel as if they were independent.
I imagine there were opportunities for the residents to make cookies for the holidays. I imagine crafts were created while sitting in the dining room. I imagine people came to entertain the residents.
We visited often. Dad had a little desk in the corner for his computer. He loved his railroad game he played on it. He would tell us stories and we would tell him about our busy day-to-day activities.
Each week, someone would come pick up Dad and bring him to church. He came to Thanksgiving dinner.
The children met their grandfather in the assisted living and they still had a relationship. They were still able to get to know each other. It was not the end of life; it was still living.
It was nice while it lasted.


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