Sentenced to Castle County

Today is a big day for me. My book is finally available for you to read. It is available through Amazon in electronic format only. I hope to have a print on demand copy available in the future.

Here is the description of the book.

Sentenced to Castle County by Manee Trautz

Imaginary friends, fairies and fairy tales are great fun for little girls, but thirteen-year-old Ella is too old for such things. While she has always had vivid dreams, she knows they are only that – dreams. However, when one of her dreams takes a tragic turn into reality her world falls apart. With the loss of her father, Ella is sentenced to a life in the most dreadful place – Castle County, a place that bears no resemblance to reality.
Here Ella can’t control where she goes when she walks the beasts, or when she dreams. She can’t stop herself from hearing the voices in the halls or seeing a ghostly classmate. As she finds herself on the precipice of insanity, she has to wonder what she believes about life and death. Can people levitate, can they talk to the dead, is the Castle real, or is it all in her head?

You may download a free sample or buy it for only $3.99.

What I learned… all that time spent debating and reformatting the fonts was pointless. When Amazon completed the book it only has one font. Oh well! Everything happens for a reason, right?

I hope you enjoy my book.


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4 comments on “Sentenced to Castle County
  1. joey says:

    I just downloaded it! How exciting! Congratulations and best of luck!

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  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Congrats! I look forward to checking it out.

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